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NK Rocks with Park Lane Jewellery

 I've been so excited to share with you my latest jewellery collaboration. I've been working with the gorgeous girls from NK Rocks with Park Lane, to showcase some of my favourite pieces. If you've not heard of Park Lane before, it's a company that was set up in America over 50 years ago, by a couple passionate about jewellery, who wanted to let other people experience the 'American Dream'. They set up a party plan style business, which enables people all over the world to start selling their very own Park Lane jewellery. This has empowered women, with support from an amazing company, letting them share the beautiful jewels, whilst making a living. I'm all about girl power, and when the lovely Katy and Nicola contacted me, I couldn't wait to work with such inspiring business women.

Katy and Nicola have over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, making them the perfect pair to set up their own franchise within Park Lane; NK Rocks. Continuing on with the girl power, in their own words, they want to "give people the opportunity to run their own business. It’s so important to us that we can create independence for others. We wanted to create opportunities for people to fulfil their goals". Apart from the amazing ethos at NK Rocks, they have the most beautiful jewellery! I was lucky enough to be able to choose my fave pieces, which believe me, took forever as there are so many!

All of the jewellery is Rhodium or Gold plated, and you can tell the quality as soon as you see them. They come beautifully packaged in silk pouches making them an excellent gift. To ensure the customer knows that they are investing in quality jewellery, they offer an 120 day guarantee, which means if anything happens with your pieces, you can replace them for free. Along with quality guarantee, they also offer great value; if a customer spends £30 or more on 2 items of jewellery they can shop up to 4 items at half price, and the full price items can also be the cheapest! 

As you will know if you follow my blog, I like minimal delicate jewellery, which as you can see, I went for. But they have the most stunning costume pieces that really will change your wardrobe and you can see the whole collection here. I decided to mix it up a bit, with rose and yellow gold bangles. They are both so delicate and literally go with anything. The stunning cross ring is also something I knew would easily fit into my wardrobe. I went a bit out of my comfort zone with the 'Vineyard' necklace, as it's quite a show piece, yet still understated, so I can wear it in the day over a simple white tee. 

All of the pieces I chose are mix and match, meaning I can wearing them alone, or put them together. They are all timeless, that won't date and I can keep them forever; something that NK Rocks with Park Lane pride themselves on being able to provide. I really enjoyed this little project. The jewellery is stunning, and I know I'll get so much wear from the pieces I chose. It's also a privilege to work with amazing girl bosses, and if you want any more info on how to work with NK Rocks with Park Lane, then you can contact them with the details on their website.

Styling George At Asda

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you'll know that I'm a bit of a bargain queen. I love nothing more than getting a compliment about a piece of clothing, and being able to say "oh it was a tenner". I find it a delightful challenge to style up clothes, that some people (clothes snobs) would never dream of buying, and making them look fab. This normally includes mixing and matching cheaper items, with the odd designer piece. So, I was very excited when I was given the chance to style some George at Asda clothes, with my own twist. 

Okay, so I obviously went for the culottes. I was genuinely looking at purchasing these babies before I was sent them and you know I love a good pair of culottes. It doesn't matter what colour/pattern/shape; the cropped style of culottes mean they are flattering for nearly every figure. I've mentioned before that I always pair them with a heel. It just elongates the leg and makes them hang beautifully. This pair caught my eye straight away. I LOVE stripes, especially for summer (if we ever get it). They are a gorgeous crepe material, which really does skim over lumps and bumps and hangs over the legs perfectly. They feel much more expensive than the £15 that they cost.  

I teamed them with a cute cami, which again, is in the beautiful crepe material, and finished the look with my faux leather jacket and lace up heels. I would also wear them with my fave mules and a white tee, a perfect casual summer look!

I hope I've inspired you to start looking at George when you pop in for your shop, they have some fab on-trend pieces at amazing prices!

Culottes: George // Cami Top: George // Jacket: Boohoo // Shoes: F&F (similar here)


 Disclaimer; I'm no travel guide expert, but Copenhagen was just too beautiful (and sooo instagrammable!) not to dedicate an entire post to this incredible city. If there are any specific questions/recommendations that you want to know, please feel free to comment on this post or email me directly!

Ok, so firstly, I've wanted to visit Scandinavia my entire life. As a child I was obsessed with all things Scandi; manily Ikea and Abba...but also the Vikings and the magical tales from Hans Christian Andersen. I was obviously hoping to run in to Prince Eric whilst over there, pretty awkward considering I went with my lovely husband! We decided on CPH as it's only a 20 minute bridge ride away from Sweden, which enabled us to tick off two countries on one trip! Our first stop when planning a holiday, especially a city break, is AirBnB. If you've not heard of it, it's a fantastic website where people can rent out their property (or even just a room) to guests, making it not only cheaper than a hotel, but you also really get into the culture of the place and 'live like a local' We stayed at the most beautiful top floor apartment, which was in the heart of the Vesterbro area of the city. The apartment itself was a dream; I must admit, how it looked on IG was definitely a contributing factor for choosing it...but hey, it worked out fine so everyone is happy!

As you can see, the place was just stunning. It was also really practical as we could cook, which is definitely a bonus as we were there for 5 nights, and eating out for 3 meals a day would be rather expensive! The area of Vesterbro is the old red light district, turned hipster central. It's very comparable to the Northern Quarter in Manchester, very chilled out, quiet, but full of culture. It was a 30 minute walk to the city centre, which may seem long, but when you're exploring a new city, it's so wonderful to get out there and discover new places on foot. The architecture is incredible all over the city; typically European stone town houses and quaint little town squares. It reminded me of Basel and Zurich in Switzerland, so clean and very organised.

Our biggest tip, and actually the one were told by countless people before we went, was to hire a bike. CPH is renowned for it's excellent cycle culture, and we knew it would be an inevitability, what we didn't realise was that bikes have priority over cars and people, so it's basically the only way to get around. Our lovely airbnb host gave us loads of info before she left us, so we went to a great little local bike hire shop called ReCycles. It was £10 for 24 hours, which is slightly cheaper than the official tourist bike hire (they're white and similar to the London bikes) which we found really heavy and difficult to use. I was really nervous about cycling in a city. From previous experience in this country, I've very nearly died on numerous occasions, but this was completely different. You have a pavement size cycle path, your own set of traffic lights and very easy to follow road signs. Everyone cycles, parents have their children in the front on a trailer and business men and women are wearing their suits and on hands free phones; very strange for us Brits, but the norm for the Danish. We cycled or walked everywhere; you become very fit in CPH, but again, this is just part of daily life over there, even the local Mall had a 'cycle park' instead of a car park.

We were frequently asked if we were over for the weekend, as a lot of people just visit for a few nights. We were initially worried that we would be bored and not have enough to do, well we couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, I think it is possible to visit for a weekend. You could quite easily visit Nyhavn (colourful houses), The Little Mermaid and a few other touristy bits in 2 days. For us personally, we found 5 nights to be the perfect amount of time, although we could have easily stayed an entire week. We loved cycling around the city, stopping for lunch, shopping, people watching and also squeezing in the main attractions. The Little Mermaid and Nyhavn being the most popular, and definitely worth a visit! The Little Mermaid it situated about a 20 minute walk along from Nyhavn, so you could fit them in together, and take a stroll along the beautiful, if not slightly industrial harbour.

Shopping in CPH was amazing; Cos, & other stories and H&M were the highlight for me. We had been warned that it was a very expensive city, we honestly did not find that to be true. To be fair, living in Manchester, we're used to city prices, but overall, the shopping was the same (Cos was about 15% cheaper!) and food and groceries were only slightly more than the UK. The Little Mermaid and Nyhavn are free, and the Royal Palaces and the Zoo are all under £20 per person. We wanted to visit the Botanical Gardens, but unfortunately we ran out of time! We took a trip to Sweden on the Monday, which included a trip across the famous Oresund bridge, which if you've watched The Killing or The Bridge, you'll know all about. Its absolutely incredible! We saw it when we landed and size of it is just mind blowing. It's a 4km tunnel, which turns into an 8km bridge, and it was a highlight of my trip. As a massive nordic-noir fan, I'd watched the Bridge on programmes for years, and it was amazing to actually cross it. The only negative was the price. This was the one activity that cost an awful lot, nearly £100 for the toll there and back. However, we got to visit Sweden! Malmo to be more precise, which is a nice little town 5 minutes off the bridge. It's not as picturesque as CPH, but its a great place for lunch. We even had time to visit Ikea, which was a dream...I need to get out more.

Overall, we found Copenhagen to be one of our favourite city breaks so far. It has everything you could possibly want from a holiday, probably not the weather in April, but the people, the sight seeing and shopping was incredible. The Scandinavian lifestyle is much more relaxed than over here, and it everywhere had such a great warm and friendly atmosphere. We've not got kids, but it's definitely a child centred lifestyle over there. Kids are a priority, and there's play areas everywhere!

One last thing, was to praise Easy Jet! We got our flights, including 20kg baggage for £125 per person, which you could actually get cheaper depending on the day. Both flights were on time and took just 1hr 35mins from Manchester. We had great service on both flights and just loved the ease and accessibility of the journey. Definitely check them out if you're heading over!

Wide Leg For Life

It's no secret that I'm a wide legged trouser fan. I say fan, I should probably clarify that I was not a 'fan' at first. I found they made my look frumpy, short and added on half a stone. Totes selling them to you aren't I? Well, this all changed when, (like I discovered with culottes; my other addiction) that when you add heels, of any height, they transform you in to an elegant, sophisticated looking human being. I say any heel height, as I'm not really a heels fan. I find the older I get, the less time I have to put up with uncomfortable shoes. I now realise that even a kitten heel (especially with a pointed toe) can add that much needed few CMs to your height, therefore giving you the illusion of long, lean legs. This discovery changed my life. I can now wear pain free heels, with a variety of trousers, making dressing so much easier!

My current faves are some absolute 'must haves' from Asos. They were £22 and although I actually bought them 2 years ago, they are still available online and stand the test of time. I've styled them two ways for this blog post. I wanted to show you a sort of day to night look, with just the change of a top and some accessories. The best thing about them has to be the flattering silhouette they create. No matter how crappy you are feeling about yourself, you can't help but love how they make you feel. They skim over your thighs and bum and hang beautifully to the floor. The added height of a heel, gives you the 'legs for days' look which enables you to pair them with any style of top.  

For the day time look, I stuck with quite a usual outfit for me. Wide legs, white tee and my faux leather jacket. I obvs had to add a neck scarf, as since having my hair chopped off, I've been obsessed with them! I actually have worn this exact outfit with trainers, which despite my whole opening paragraph about needing heel, looked ok! 

I changed it up a bit for my evening look, and added an off the shoulder number from Zara which I picked up in the sale a few months back. Off the shoulder was massive last year and by the looks of it, the trend is going nowhere fast, so I'd definitely recommend investing in one (they are everywhere!) 

So there you have it. My new fave trousers. My biggest tip is TRY THEM ON. It took me a while to find the perfect fit, but when you do find them, you'll fall in love!

Look One: Trousers: Asos // Jacket: Boohoo // Bag: Catwalk Killa
Neck Scarf: Topshop

Look Two: Trousers (as before) // Top: Zara (similar here) // Neck Scarf: Asos

Dressed Down Style

Something happened this week that made me laugh. Like literally oh em gee I can't breathe laugh. Ok, so it doesn't take an awful lot to make me LOL, but the irony of the situation was actually rather life affirming. As most of you will know, not all is as it appears on social media, especially picture perfect selfies or staged 'natural' shots. Now stick with me here, this is actually related to fashion/outfits. Basically, and as you will probably now know if you follow me on snap chat (fashion_panic) that I'm not the most naturally glamorous person. I work from home the majority of the time, which often means I stay in my PJs until 10am. I have actually pretended to the Post Man I 'work nights' so he didn't judge me when delivering his daily Asos parcel...I know, I'm going to hell. Back to the issue. Basically, I get changed into my gym gear, so when I have to pop out, it looks like I'm just on my way home from the gym (greasy hair included).  

Over the past few weeks, I've ran into a very old and dear friend twice, who on both occasions, didn't actually recognise me as I looked THAT rough. The first time, I was wearing a bobble hat (in 16c) my brother's hoody and gym pants. The second time, basically the same - the hat. No make up/hair scraped back and completely chilled. His actual reaction was omg you're a fashion blogger and you look like THIS (the only thing a close friend could get away with!). I was crying laughing, as once I could get away with it, but twice and my secret was out!

It made me think, I don't show enough of that side of me, and I don't think that's healthy. That's why I decided to download snap chat and give you a look at the 'real' me. To keep to this topic, this is a look I shot a few weeks ago when I wasn't wearing any make up. Ok so my face isn't in it. But the point is, I really didn't like this shoot. My hair wasn't done, I felt bloated and crappy, but I wanted to show it to you any way. In fact, I'm going to make a concious decision to be more 'real' on social media. Yes I love clothes and looking nice, can I be bothered to do it every day; hell no!

This is a complete staple outfit of mine. GF jeans, striped top and my faux leather jacket. I love how I can literally throw it on and not think too much about it. I've linked similar pieces below, as apart from the shoes and bag, everything is old!

Jacket: Boohoo // Jeans: Asos // Top: Asos // Bag: Radley // Shoes: Zara 

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