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Silk Shirts and Frills

Firstly, apologies for not having uploaded a fashion post in what feels like years! I hope if you do follow me, that I've kept you up to date with my OOTDs on Instagram. I started a new job about 3 months ago. My very first job in the fashion industry (my dream) and although I've love every minute; it's not left me much time to physically go out and take outfit pictures (which my husband is very happy about as he's my "photographer" ha!). Anyway, a few weeks ago I received the most beautiful, real silk shirt from Wrap London. It was so stunning that I just had to get out and shoot in this stunner.

As it happened, my best friend was coming up from London, so it made for the perfect excuse to glam up and shoot some pics! The shirt itself it just a dream. I chose the khaki version, but it also comes in 'mink' and 'grey' which are equally as stunning. I've never owned a real silk shirt, but boy, you can tell the quality. It just feels different than the usual synthetic material that you get from high street stores; it's definitely an investment piece! As it's so versatile, I've actually already worn it twice. Once with my snazzy jeans for the night out, and also with some sports luxe joggers; it just looks incredible on, and hangs to perfection.

I teamed my dream shirt with these frill hemmed jeans which really are the marmite of denim. Well, I say that, they're more man repellers, as most girls LOVE them, and I am indeed taken with the frill this season (if you follow my IG then you'll know my obsession). I finished the looked with my absolute mega babes from Mango. I'm afraid they're sold out now, but I couldn't not feature them!

I will definitely keep up with my blog from now on, and I really appreciate every single one of you who still read this! Have a great weekend!

Shirt: Wrap London // Jeans: Asos // Bag: Mango (similar

Lazy Dogz Slippers (featuring my lazy dog!)

It may only be August, but let's face it, it's the UK and for me it's the North - so I'm already feeling pretty autumnal (especially today, it's raining and 12c in SUMMER). This miserable weather has actually made me reminisce about snuggly winter evenings, drinking hot chocolate and watching a period drama on the BBC. I was even more inspired when I got what can only describe as a GIANT box of goodies from the fantastic Lazy Dogz who specialise in extra comfortable (and may I add glamorous) slippers.

As you can see from the pictures; these are not just your average pair. These babies are fashionable accessories to jazz up your winter nights. I was obviously immediately drawn to the fabulous glitter pair which will be out this Autumn. I mean faux fur and gold glitter; what's not to love! They are not just beautiful to look at, they are genuinely, incredibly comfortable. I was lucky enough to be sent 2 pairs to wear now (actually wearing the booties as I write this) and the samples from the AW16 collection (which I cannot wait to get my hands on!).

Along with making the slippers extra beautiful and fashionable, Lazy Dogz also ensure that they are made ethically and everything is designed in the UK. They also donate a £1 from every pair sold to the Manchester Dog home, which is a charity very close to my heart. If you don't already know, a few years ago there was an awful fire and many dogs lost their lives. Thanks to the support of Lazy Dogz and the generous public, they have re built the home. I myself donate every month as I'm a massive crazy dog lady. The little cherub featured in this post is my baby Ruby. She's 1 and needless to say, LOVED posing for these pictures! So; if you're looking for the most stylish slippers around, get yourself over to Lazy Dogz and you'll be guaranteed to give your friends some major slipper envy!

The Margaret Dabbs Experience

For me, summer isn't always the best time for fashion. I feel the natural urge to lose a few pounds, I expect my skin to be flawless for all the skin baring new season pieces and I want picture perfect feet for all of the seasonal shoes! Well, let's face it - I'm always going to be pale, I will always (as Ross from Friends would say) "bruise like a peach" and pizza will always be more important than abs. However, after my recent trip to Margaret Dabb's new salon in Aldery Edge, I may just about have the foot thing sorted!

I was invited down to have my very first 'medical pedicure', which to be honest, I had to do a bit of research into as I had no idea what this entailed. Turns out, it's the ingenious and exclusive treatment developed by Margaret Dabbs herself, who I was lucky enough to meet and interview. Margaret who is a trained Podiatrist, first developed the medical pedicure when she was treating both men and women, who had problem feet. Her clients wanted their feet to not only look and feel healthy but also have the polished and groomed feeling like experienced through the 'normal' pedicure. Margaret explained that although it sounded so simple; no one had thought to put the both together. The treatment proved so popular that it led her to open her own foot clinics and from there she began to explore developing her very own foot products.

The Margaret Dabbs brand has gone from strength to strength, and it was incredibly interesting talking to such a passionate and inspirational business women. She now has a range of clinics all over the world, including Dubai, London and her new venture up here in the North! Her range of products has also grown, with a full top to toe body care available, including her own nail polish, all of which she has had first hand in designing and developing. Having come from the Podiatrist's background, Margaret had a wide knowledge of the natural oils and ingredients which would benefit not only feet, but the hands and body. I had the chance to experience the incredible medical pedicure, which I can assure you, is life changing!

Being pale, I show every mark, scrape, blister and bruise. I get incredibly dry feet, which for a 27 year old who is into fashion and keeping myself groomed, is pretty awful. I have tried everything under the sun. The PedEgg, pumice, moisturising socks and about 12 different foot files. Nothing has worked. I resented paying for pedicures, as although me nails always looked great, my skin was dry and I could have done a better job myself. I was told I would be impressed with the medical pedicure, but I couldn't have predicted just how much of a difference having a professional Podiatrist treating my feet would have. The lovely Maria
made my feet glow - literally. The dead skin was gone, I had soft pink feet. They felt 'light' and fresh. Very strange thing to describe I know - buy seriously guys, this is the best foot treatment I have ever had. The key word is 'treatment'. It wasn't just a pedicure; it was a treatment which has made a massive difference, and made me feel a lot more confident about my feet.

A picture of my feet is the proof of the pudding. You will have never seen a picture of my feet, especially not in shoes! However after the medical pedicure I could not wait to get them out. I was also treated to a manicure and my toes were finished off with an exclusive Margaret Dabbs nail polish in a beautiful coral shade by the lovely Leah. I was in the stunning new Alderly Edge salon for a few hours, and I left feeling like a new woman. Relaxed isn't the word - I felt amazing, completely at ease and pampered. 

A week on and my feet are still soft, which is something I didn't expect. I was very lucky enough to be given a goody bag with everything I could ever need for my hands and feet. I have a super strength file which I haven't even needed to use yet, but it was used in the medical pedicure, and it was AMAZING. All of the products (a lot of them, award winning!) are available to buy here.

A massive thank you Margaret and to all the staff at the wonderful new salon. I was made to feel so welcome and the podiatrists and beauty therapists were incredible. I can't recommend the salon enough. If you fancy a visit a yourself, you can check out all the salons here.

Time to get your feet out girls!

Facial With Clarins

As I've said before, my blog has brought some amazing opportunities for me. My most recent one was being treated to a facial at Clarins in the Trafford Centre's Selfridges store. Yes, they have a treatment room there! You would never know by looking, but the Clarins counter hides an iddillic haven away from all the hustle and bustle of the beauty floor. As soon as I stepped through the glass door I felt calm. I presume they have sound proofing as it's so quiet and peaceful and you feel a million miles away from the hectic shoppers.

After a quick consultation, where I discussed my skin care routine, my problem areas and what I felt I was needing, I was advised to have a Tri - Active facial which is an incredible customised facial, with  a concentrated 25minute anti ageing treatment and massage. Even though I am 27, I am starting to see some fine lines around my mouth and eyes, so I was looking forward to seeing a difference. I went for the 'Radiance Reviver' which starts at £70 for 1hr 25mins or £85 for 1hr 45mins. Before the facial started I was given a tissue with some essential oil on, and I had to take a few long, deep breaths to help me get in the zone. This worked wonders, although to be honest I had already felt "in the zone" since I had stepped into the treatment room! My beauty therapist was lovely, and we chatted away though most of it, which I loved. I enjoy talking during a facial, and have found it a bit awkward if the therapist doesn't talk (although I know for some that's better). She recommended a number of products throughout the treatment, and explained every treatment and product she was using which was great, as I was obsessed with an oil she used, and that's definitely on my list for pay day!

After a blissful 1hr and 25mins I was nearly asleep. I felt well and truly zoned out and my face was tingling with the beautiful products. My skin was glowing, and my therapist explained that all of the Tri - Active facials are equivalent to having an 8 hour sleep for your skin. My fave product had to be the HydraQuench serum which felt like water going on, but then felt amazing when you started to rub it around the face. It's perfect for dehydrated and dull looking skin which I definitely had!

After the facial I had a quick look at the new products, where my therapist talked me through what would help with my skin. I was recommended one of the new boosters which are a concentrated oil that you can add to your own moisturiser/serum or even your foundation. As the name suggests they give your skin a 'boost'. There are 3 in the collection; Detox, Repair and the one I went for, Energy.

I've been using the serum for over 2 weeks now, by adding it to my moisturiser at night, and I have to say, the results are incredible! I'm already a massive Clarins fan, but I like to think you can trust what I write on here - It's amazing. I have colour in my cheeks again, and it looks and feels a lot smoother.

I just want to thank all the girl at the Clarins counter in the Trafford Centre's Selfridges, it was a fantastic experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can find a list of all the available treatments here.

Sliders From Size?

 No that isn't a question mark - that's just the cute logo of Size? the one stop shop for all of your footwear needs (they also have a great collection of sportswear too!). I was very lucky and got the chance to choose some shoes off the site, which was not easy let me tell you! They have so much choice, and with the whole trainer/sneaker thing still on the fashion radar, I was spoilt for choice!

Their collection includes some amazing brands such as Adidas and Nike, but also loads more fab brands that you may not have heard of. Although predominantly sports wear,  anyone having a love affair with all things sports luxe, should definitely take a look! In the end I decided not to go for my usual trainers, although staying away from Adidas Stan Smiths was difficult...I opted for the new 'must have' summer shoe; the slider.

 Now if you're a street style lover, no doubt you'll have seen that the Adidas striped sliders have been everywhere lately. Teamed with summer dresses, bikinis or like me with jeans and a tee - they are not only comfortable, but fashionable. They had a range of amazing versions, including the original striped plastic pair, some incredible animal print ones and my amazing wooden platforms.

I've literally worn these every day over these past warm weeks. They instantly update your look and they're just so easy to wear!

Mine actually sold out, but I've linked you to the slider page so you can take a look for yourself and get some perfect summer style!
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