Monday, 23 June 2014

Wide Leg Trousers

I literally cannot get enough pairs of wide leg trousers! I have 4 pairs and would wear them all day every day if I could. They are flattering, cool for the summer heat and bang on trend. I think a lot of people think it's a hard look to pull off, but trust me, just try a pair on! They look amazing on any age, shape, height (especially with heels for you petite ladies). I prefer them with heels and often pair them with wedges, but I have worn them once or twice now with sliders, which I have to say is a very fashionable *am I cool enough* look, but I've had some good responses. I've aclually uploaded 2 looks on tonight's post, dark and sultry and ultra summery all white!

Trousers: Asos // Top: boohoo // Shoes: New Look 
(watch, bag and sunglasses as before)

Slighty (ok not loads) more smiley on the above pic. It's so hard not to smile and look at the camera! I know some bloggers do it, but I really wanted to try and emulate the blogs I follow, the professional feel of the emphasis on the clothes...I really need some training! I sometime have the OHMYGODWHATAMIDOING moments, where I wonder what am I letting myself in for, putting pictures up of outfits, what if nobody cares? What if people think I look awful, or really unfashionable!? But, I have to remind myself, this blog was to build a portfolio for college, anything else (people reading this) would just be a bonus. I really envy the other bloggers out there who seem to exude confidence. I don't know if the feeling will ever go, but for now I am loving your comments and interest, especially on instagram and twitter. 
Thank you all for stopping by!

Trousers: Primark (similar here: Asos) // T-Shirt: Asos
(bag and watch same as before)


Friday, 20 June 2014


As you may have seen from my earlier 'inspiration' post, I am obsessed with crochet! I just think it's so beautiful and girly. I must admit, all of my previous crochet items of clothing have been beach wear. It just fits so well with sandy beaches and wavy hair. So I actually surprised myself when I fell in love with this skirt. I was looking for a beach dress that I could wear on holiday, but I just loved the floral design! I have only worn this skirt with heels, but I think it would look nice with some gold birkenstock style sandals and a baggy white t-shirt. The skirt itself is so delicate, and a lot more expensive looking than it actually was. I was glad I tried Chicwish, it's a fantastic site and even though you have to wait slightly later for your clothes, it's definitely worth it!

 Again, I'm posing for pictures at my favourite wall! Haha, oh I do hope I find somewhere else soon, I feel everyone will get very bored with this background!

Skirt: Chicwish // T-Shirt: Primark // Shoes: Newlook // Bag: H&M // Watch: River Island


Thursday, 19 June 2014


Stop everything guys! It's the Zara sale! Woooop! Although, saying that, I have absolutely no money to spend in the sales...well I may be able to sneak a few things past the hubby "oh this old thing, I've had it for years!". However a girl can window shop, so I thought I would share my fave things that are in the sale, I hope they won't all be sold out by the time you read this...

Lace Dress
Floral Dress
Printed Dress

Houndstooth Trousers

Pink Ankle Bootie
Pastel Sandal

Happy Shopping Guys!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Logo Look Two

I still feel so funny posing in the middle of empty streets! Does anyone else find it majorly embarrassing!? I'm no model, so having the confidence to do this is really difficult for me. I hope I'm not the only one! I think I look so moody and unfriendly, which is the opposite of my actual personality, but I'm really trying to focus on the clothes and I think if I was smiling or being silly, it would distract people...I may try a few smiely poses next time and see how it goes down :)

Monochrome overload in this look, but it just seemed right! I found the t-shirt one night whilst browsing on Amazon. I love the sense of fun, plus I'm probably never going to be able to afford an actual Chanel top, so may as well go for it with this one, especially as it was under £10! 

T-Shirt: Amazon // Jeans: Primark (DIY knee holes) // Bag: Topshop // Shoes: New Look // Sunglasses: Primark


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Logo Look One



Firstly let me say I would never have chosen this skirt if wasn't for my favourite blogger Fashion Agony. As soon as I saw her post, I knew I had to have it! And at only £9 how could I resist! It ticks of two trends in one: Bold logos and quilting (more to come this A/W). I have made it more of an evening look with my fave black heels but I've also worn this with trainers and sliders and it looks great. 

We finally found a quiet road in the town where I live. Well, I say quiet, we still had about 10 passers by, and I looked very silly. But, I think the big wall at the back is quite a good background for outfits as it's pretty neutral. I think I look like John Lennon with those round sunglasses, but they are everywhere this summer and I fancied being a bit braver with my fashion choices! What do you think?

Skirt: Asos // Blazer: Boohoo // T-Shirt: Primark // Shoes: New Look // Bag: H&M // Sunglasses: New Look // Watch: River Island 


Inspiration - Crochet


This is one of my favourite looks this season. Crochet has had a 2014 makeover. It's no longer just for Ibiza night or beach days. It's now a staple classic for every fashionista's wardrobe. The fact that it can fit in with any look, makes it so easy to wear! From boho dresses, to grown up pencil skirts, this look is a must have this summer! I have a few crochet pieces already, which is always a bonus, but may have to invest in a cheeky skirt...The blue Chloe dress is just prefection, ah a girl can dream!

Here are a few of my faves


Monday, 16 June 2014

Floral Bomber

I bought this floral bomber about two months ago in the boohoo sale. I instantly fell in love with the scrumptious wine hues and iridescent sheen (both hot trends for A/W14). A statement jacket like this allows you to keep the rest of the look very simple and easy to wear. I literally put on the first jeans and t-shirt that I could find, and the jacket did the rest! It would also look fab with a pair of black sliders or plimsolls for a more casual look.

These pictures were taken in my back garden. I follow so many blogs and they all have such interesting and cool backgrounds for their photo shoots. Sadly, where I live isn't that cool. We keep searching for locations, but there's always people or it's just a random field. I only live 20 minutes from Manchester, but I'm not confident enough to start posing there yet! I really need to get cooler! 

Jeans: Primark (DIY distressed look) // Jacket: Boohoo (Sold Out: similar here and here // T-Shirt: Primark // Shoes: New Look (similar) // Bag: H&M // Watch: River Island


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mules and Monochrome

Ok, so this outfit feautures the same staples from my first post, the classic t-shirt and jeans. Mainly because I love these jeans, and also I want to be a blogger that wears the same pair of jeans more than once! I must admit, I have lots of clothes, but I'm sure like many people, I only have a few pair of jeans that feel great. These pictures aren't the best quality; mainly because we went out for dinner and I suddenly remembered my blog. Finding a place to take pictures is another story altogether! These were in a pub car park! So glamorous...

For an evening look I simply added a few accessories. I'm in love with mules. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I was around the first time they were fashionable (90s child). They instantly glamourize these casual boyfriend jeans and it's a really affordable way to update your wardrobe. The blazer was a last minute buy from which has turned out to be my outfit staple for so many looks, not bad for £25!

Jeans: Next // T-shirt: Mango // Mules: Marks and Spencers // Blazer: //
Bag: H&M
Inspiration- Logos

 Logos, logos, logos! From Dior, to Kenzo, logos were everywhere on the S/S14 catwalks. I'm not normally an "in your face" dresser, but there is something about saying what you think with your clothes, that makes me want to make a statement! I especially love the Alexandar Wang 'Parent Advisory' Jumper, reminds me of my teenage years and Eminem albums!

Here are a few of my faves

Image 1 of "MAGNIFIQUE" FLEECE DRESS from Zara

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