Friday, 20 June 2014


As you may have seen from my earlier 'inspiration' post, I am obsessed with crochet! I just think it's so beautiful and girly. I must admit, all of my previous crochet items of clothing have been beach wear. It just fits so well with sandy beaches and wavy hair. So I actually surprised myself when I fell in love with this skirt. I was looking for a beach dress that I could wear on holiday, but I just loved the floral design! I have only worn this skirt with heels, but I think it would look nice with some gold birkenstock style sandals and a baggy white t-shirt. The skirt itself is so delicate, and a lot more expensive looking than it actually was. I was glad I tried Chicwish, it's a fantastic site and even though you have to wait slightly later for your clothes, it's definitely worth it!

 Again, I'm posing for pictures at my favourite wall! Haha, oh I do hope I find somewhere else soon, I feel everyone will get very bored with this background!

Skirt: Chicwish // T-Shirt: Primark // Shoes: Newlook // Bag: H&M // Watch: River Island



  1. That skirt is beautiful, Lauren! So elegant and pretty! xx

  2. Thanks. Lauren! Have you used chicwish before? It's really good and quite cheap too! X

  3. This skirt is gorgeous! Lauren I always keep up to date with your posts on here and this morning I remembered that lovely skirt and had to find out where is was from. You look great in all of your outfits you really know how to dress your body type... Unfortunately my legs aren't quite as long as yours so I'm not sure I could pull off some of the looks but I've definitely got some great inspiration from you! :)

    1. Amy! I am so sorry, I've only just seen this comment! I don't get notifications for some reason. That's so lovely of you to say! I never expected anyone to read it! It's for a course I start in September, so it's so nice to know someone sees it!
      Hope you are well lovely, Canada looks amazing! Xxx


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