Monday, 23 June 2014

Wide Leg Trousers

I literally cannot get enough pairs of wide leg trousers! I have 4 pairs and would wear them all day every day if I could. They are flattering, cool for the summer heat and bang on trend. I think a lot of people think it's a hard look to pull off, but trust me, just try a pair on! They look amazing on any age, shape, height (especially with heels for you petite ladies). I prefer them with heels and often pair them with wedges, but I have worn them once or twice now with sliders, which I have to say is a very fashionable *am I cool enough* look, but I've had some good responses. I've aclually uploaded 2 looks on tonight's post, dark and sultry and ultra summery all white!

Trousers: Asos // Top: boohoo // Shoes: New Look 
(watch, bag and sunglasses as before)

Slighty (ok not loads) more smiley on the above pic. It's so hard not to smile and look at the camera! I know some bloggers do it, but I really wanted to try and emulate the blogs I follow, the professional feel of the emphasis on the clothes...I really need some training! I sometime have the OHMYGODWHATAMIDOING moments, where I wonder what am I letting myself in for, putting pictures up of outfits, what if nobody cares? What if people think I look awful, or really unfashionable!? But, I have to remind myself, this blog was to build a portfolio for college, anything else (people reading this) would just be a bonus. I really envy the other bloggers out there who seem to exude confidence. I don't know if the feeling will ever go, but for now I am loving your comments and interest, especially on instagram and twitter. 
Thank you all for stopping by!

Trousers: Primark (similar here: Asos) // T-Shirt: Asos
(bag and watch same as before)



  1. I always feel really self-conscious when taking photos. I'm suffering really badly with hay fever at the moment so I keep having to shoot photos from the neck down because my face is just puffy and tired all the time :L (not saying that anyone wants to see my face ha, but most bloggers do full body shots). You have to remember that your blog is for you and like you said, just remember why you're doing it...anything else is a plus :)
    I've had my eye on wide leg trousers but wasn't sure if they would suit me, definitely on the search for some now! Saying that, by the time I get some though, it probably won't be summer anymore! xxx

  2. Hi Lauren! I'm so sorry, I have only just read your comment! I didn't get an email or anything!

    I kept thinking why your face isn't in the pics, you are so pretty! I hope your hayfever improves, I know how awful it is.

    I am definitely trying to keep college in mind when I blog. I sometimes feel like stopping as I lose confidence, but then I get a nice comment or like on instagram and I get myself together again. You would look fab in wide leg trousers! You have such long legs, plus the suit everyone, definitely try a pair on!
    Love getting your comments. Speak soon x x


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