Thursday, 19 June 2014


Stop everything guys! It's the Zara sale! Woooop! Although, saying that, I have absolutely no money to spend in the sales...well I may be able to sneak a few things past the hubby "oh this old thing, I've had it for years!". However a girl can window shop, so I thought I would share my fave things that are in the sale, I hope they won't all be sold out by the time you read this...

Lace Dress
Floral Dress
Printed Dress

Houndstooth Trousers

Pink Ankle Bootie
Pastel Sandal

Happy Shopping Guys!



  1. Love Zara sales (coming from someone who rarely shops in the sales)! Everything goes so quickly though...although I'm only window shopping as well, so I suppose it doesn't really matter that much anyway! xx

    1. Tell me about it! Everything with a good discount has gone :( Ah well, everything happens for a reason! I'm only good with online sales. Can't be doing with hardcore bargain hunters hitting you out of the way with their handbags! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know! So gorgeous! They'd sold out in my size by the time I'd got to them :(

      Thanks for stopping by xx


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