Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ripped Jeans and Red

Three posts in one day! Crazy I know, but I've totally neglected my blog for a week, so it's only fair I make it up. I learnt a valuable lesson about lighting in this post. Basically, if the light is good, the pictures will be great. Unfortunately for me, I only had an hour or so on the day, and it was sunny. Sunny is great, but not at 1pm when the sun is so high in the sky that is causes weird shadows. So I am sorry about the quality of the pics above, and the fact my face is constantly in the shadows!

Ok, onto the look. Boyfriend jeans are a girls best friend. They hide a multitude of sins, they are majorly comfy and you can wear them dressed up or down. The ripped detail is bang on trend. Unlike some celebs, I've gone for the slightly ripped look, rather than looking as though I've been attacked by a tiger (google Kim K ripped jeans...). I tend to wear them most during summer, as paired with sparkly sandals, they just look to effortlessly cool. However, I've dressed them up a bit with my new fave heels from H&M. When you break it down, this outfit is so simple. A white tee and jeans. But that added pop of colour from my little friend (M&S) plus the heels, has made it a little more edgy and on trend. 

Red is THE colour of A/W 14, but when I found this beauty I had to have it for summer! I just love it. It's slightly tacky, and OTT, but it adds such fun to what would be a rather plain look. 

Jeans: Zara // Top: Primark // Shoes:H&M // Bag: Marks and Spencers


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