Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Playsuit


Firstly, many apologies for no post last week. I've been so so busy, many things going on right now. I have 2 looks this week to make up for it!

 The sun was out last week in Manchester! Yes, shock horror, I said SUN! Unlike most people, summer is not something I look forward too. It means getting my ultra white legs (I'd go as far as saying transparent!) out for the world to see! I have tried every self tan, tinted moisturiser and body make up out there! Nothing works. So, apologies in advance for this post, I must admit I added a filter just to improve the whiteness! 

On to the playsuit. I'm quite tall (5"8) but I also have a weirdly long torso. This means it's almost impossible to find playsuits or jumpsuits that fit. However, this beauty from Asos fits like a dream! The all in one ease of this outfit is my dream, I'm really into the lazieness of it! All I had to plan was the shoes (worn this with flats too) and a few accessories. Done! Playsuits have always been around, but this season they seem to be everywhere. I'd definitely recommend you try on a few before ruling out a particular style. Before I found this one, I had totally ruled out ever wearing one. 

I wanted to keep the holiday/tribal feel with my accessories. The shoes are a dream from H&M. They practically go with everything. In fact my next post will feature them with jeans. They were great value for money, not too high and even quite comfy! The fact the have tassels is an added style point, plus they will look great somewhere hot and exotic (not my garden!)

I hope the weather has been just as nice where you are <3 x

Playsuit: Asos (similar here and here) // Shoes: H&M // Hat: H&M // Cuff: Asos

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