Wednesday, 1 October 2014


New Month, New Season, New Me!

Hello! I am back! For all my regular followers, you will notice I've not updated the blog/social media sites for nearly a month. The reason for this, is the fashion course that I initially made the blog for is no longer running due to insufficient student numbers. This lead me to really question what I was doing with my life! Sounds dramatic I know, but I had it all planned out! Anyway, I have a new job at Next Retail and I will be surrounded by clothes all day. My passion is style and fashion, so I will not give up. SO to sum things up, I've decided to keep going with Fashion Panic as a hobby. I really enjoy it and I've had so many nice comments off people. I will post a new look up every Wednesday and update my instagram, facebook and twitter daily (links at the side of this page). Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate all of your support!

Now on to the look!

I've decided I will try and be a bit braver with my style choices from now on! Ok, now a neon fur scarf may not be that outrageous but it's a start...This babe is from Asos. It was love at first sight, although I had no idea what it would actually go with! I just ordered, and hoped for the best. Turns out I needn't have worried. It goes with everything! It just adds so much fun to every coat I own! I eventually decided on my Mango boyfriend coat for this post, but trust me, add it over a khaki mac, a tailored camel coat or even just over a shirt! Faux fur was also a massive look at the recent fashion weeks, and I can't wait to add more to my collection!

The rest of the look I tried to keep pretty simple. My back ripped jeans are a must have for this AW and are great for transitional looks. I've had the biker boots for a few years now, but they never seem to go out of fashion! They are incredibly comfy and also jazz up a very plain outfit. I like to team them with little dresses too to give them an edgier look.

Oversized clutches are also everywhere at the moment. Luckily I stole borrowed this beauty from my mum. Hopefully she won't notice as I've got it in mind for a few of my upcoming looks :)

SORRY for that absolute essay, I just wanted to explain my absence. Expect lots more from Fashion Panic, I feel excited about doing it just for fun now, no pressure, just fashion baby! 

See you soon,

Lauren XO

(apologies for quality of pics...I'm working on it)

Scarf: Asos // Boots: River Island (similar here) // Jeans: DIY Primark (similar here)  Coat: Mango (similar here) // Clutch: M&S (similar here)


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