Sunday, 18 January 2015

Blazers and Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Sunday guys! I did say this would be up yesterday, but it snowed up here in Manchester for the first time in ages, so I got a little distracted!

Just a quick outfit post today, as I also have to write a post on the Liebster Award, which I was very kindly nominated for (all will be explained later!).

On to the look. This wasn't a planned bogged look. I do normally think about how the clothes will look on camera, and I have a bit of a vision. This look was a happy accident! I was popping out for a meal with the hubby and wanted to stay comfortable (baggy jeans, more room for food!) but also smart. Pairing the jeans with heels, instantly gave it more of a sophisticated vibe, I then threw on the blazer and voila! 

The fur collar is back, as I've said before, it really does transform any jacket/coat!

My Michael Kors baby was out again, and I finished the look with my jewelled beanie. It's been one of the most 'liked' looks on my Instagram, and I'm pretty happy with the overall look.

Have a great Sunday guys (I'm planning on staying in my PJs) and stayed tuned for my Liebster post.

Lauren XO

Blazer: Mango // Jeans: Zara (similar here) // Faux Fur Collar: Boohoo
Shoes: M&S (similar hereBeanie: Primark (similar here) // Bag: Michael Kors



  1. Beautiful outfit!
    Love your shoes :D

    1. Thanks lovely! I wear them ALL the time, so comfy! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Oooh I love this outfit SO much!! Those shoes are gorgeous too :) Haha, baggy jeans = more food, I love it!!

    Sarah xxx


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