Thursday, 19 February 2015

Jailbird Jeans: Day to Night

Jeans: Jailbird // Shirt: Asos // Coat: Vero Moda 

A few weeks ago, the lovely Alice contacted me asking if I would like to put together a day and night look featuring the upcoming brand Jailbird Jeans. I was obviously delighted to style them as they looked so great. I chose two pairs that I would get the most wear out of (I've lived in them ever since they arrived!); some washed denim skinnies and a pair of black jeggins. 

Above is my day time look, however, I'm sure those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen many day time looks featuring this pair as they are so classic! They fit true to size, and grab all the right places. They are really flattering, but also comfortable; two things essential with any pair of jeans. I went with the washed slim jeans, as although I love my mom jeans and occasional flares, I always go back to simple, wardrobe staple skinnies. 

I teamed them with a simple striped shirt from asos, and my Vero Moda 'dressing gown' coat. 

Jeans: Jailbird // Cape: Boohoo // Shirt: Asos // Shoes: New Look

I wanted to style a really wearable look for the night time. I took the basic Asos shirt and black jeggins as the base of the look, but then I jazzed it up by adding heels and my Boohoo cape. I absolutely love these jeggins! The are really slim fitting on the leg, which is great as they don't bag like some brands that I have worn in the past. They zip up at the back which leaves a great smooth band at the front with no bulky buttons pushing through. They have also kept their colour after several washes, something that is a well known problem with black denim!

I'm still loving a good cape, and this beauty from boohoo has become a regular in my day to day looks. It's just so wearable and goes over so many different looks. It's also surprisingly warm!

I hope you've like the way I have styled my Jailbird jeans, I'd defintitley reccommend them for style, comfort and to top it off they are really affordable!

Lauren XO



  1. Lovely blogpost 😊😊 great little outfits you created xxx

  2. Love your grey coat & dogtooth scarf! x

    Susie. xx

    1. Thanks Susie! That coat is amazing, it makes everything look better! :) xxx


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