Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Jones and Jones

So on my blog shoot today, I felt like a princess. This was because I was wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever worn. I was very luckily sent this stunning dress from Kayla at Jones and Jones. They make their dresses in their studio in London. As soon as it arrived, I couldn't wait to put it on! I had no make up on and my hair was stuffed up into a bun, but the dress made me feel a million dollars! I know it sounds corny, but it was the skirt, it has three layers of beautiful fabric, and it makes you want to twirl!

Today was such good fun! I'm normally rushed and have 3 or 4 looks to shoot, but today, I dedicated it to the Kayla dress. I used one of my Valentine's day roses as I feel it needed a pop of colour and it was great fun adding a prop!

I am travelling to a family wedding in Switzerland this April and I cannot wait to take it, everyone will be in love!

Thanks again to the lovely guys over at Jones and Jones, I feel very lucky.

Lauren XO



  1. Pretty dress. You look lovely.

  2. Thanks so much Kashaya! So sorry for the late reply, I've only just read this :) xxx


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