Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Collaboration with Polabora

So a few weeks ago I was starting to plan my trip to Europe. The thing that I kept coming back to, was the fact I NEEDED an instant camera! If you have Instagram you will know how popular they are right now. They look cool, and you can actually hold the picture rather than just look at it on your phone/computer/tablet. It's not only a nice idea, but it's nostalgic and brings back childhood memories (for us oldies!). The main problem is the fact they're not cheap and the film is so expensive for a small amount of pictures. Don't get me started on the fact it has to be a perfect picture the first time you take it as you can't just do it again! It is when I was looking for an alternative that I stumbled across Polabora. They print off any picture you like in a number of fun ways!

I chose standard polaroid size and some cool photo booth style ones - they even threw in some mini prints for me too (not to mention the free little pegs they send so you can hang them up)!

It was so quick and simple to do, you can upload from Facebook, Instagram or just your computer/phone. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete my order and it was so much fun! 

The best part is you can print out as many as you want, when you want for a really affordable price! Who needs a heavy, bulky camera now!?

I'm away this week in Europe, but I will keep you guys updates on IG (fashion_panic) and upload a nice blog post all about my travel OOTDs!

See you soon,

Lauren XO

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