Friday, 10 April 2015

Mustard Lace

Bonjour, Guten Tag and Hello! As some of you may know, I've just got back to the UK from a little tour of Europe. I'm feeling very cultured and have definitely caught the travelling bug. I feel the French may have found me a little annoying, as I refused to stop my attempts at speaking their beautiful language, I fear I may have butchered it! I'm still deliberating whether or not to write a little travel post...I don't know if people would be interested, especially as this is a fashion blog!

Anywho, to update you guys, I've decided to upload two looks at once. I posted both of these outfits, over the last few weeks, so finally here they are!

The first, is my new dream dress. I have to apologise for the pictures. It was earlyish in the morning and the light was awful! It was sunny, but dull. I definitely need to take photography lessons!

I bought this from Marks and Spencers when they had 20% off everything. I'd spotted it last month, but I couldn't afford it, so as per usual, I saw it as a sign and bought it there and then. It's so beautiful. It looks like I've spent hours rummaging through vintage stores and found a gem. Everything about it oozes 70s glamour, although it is very understated. I'm not normally a mustard person, but it added to the vintage vibes, and it's actually one of my fave colours for this season. I cannot wait to wear it with my gladiator sandals and mix it up a bit!

I paired it with my gorgeous Leather Satchel Company satchel, and finished the look with my new Zara pointy boots. 

I hope you guys have all had a great Easter, I'm still having chocolate for breakfast...may need to stop before it's bikini season!

Stay tuned for look number two,

Lauren XO


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