Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spring Layering

It's Spring! It has well and truly thawed up here in the North, and I decided to celebrate a few weeks ago with planning some Spring looks. I must admit, most of my looks at the moment are still airing on the side of caution and staying wrapped up, but when the sun does appear I wanted to be ready. I thought I'd show you an outfit I wore out for a day out which incorporated some essential layers!

I bought this H&M shirt/dress whilst in London in January. As you all know my love for stripes, it won't surprise you that I was bowled over by it. I intended to wear it as a dress, but this happy accident came whilst I was trying on some new jeans and discovered that it looks quite good layered as a shirt. I also thought It was mix up the 70s flare vibe, and make it a bit more modern. I wore a plain white tee underneath and undid the shirt when it was warmer. 

The flares have become my 'go to' night time jeans. I always feel so glam when a wear them, and they are really easy to pair with tops and shoes. 

I finished the look with my staple H&M bag (see almost every other post) but tucked the strap in to use it as a clutch. I just love functional pieces! 

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun, I am making the most of it! See you soon!

Lauren XO

Shirt: H&M // Jeans: M&S (similar here) // T-Shirt: Asos


  1. Loving this outfit Lauren, the jeans are so 70s!

    Emma at

    1. Hi Emma! So sorry the for delayed reply. I don't get fortifications for comments, so I've only just read this! I cannot stop wearing these jeans, total faves! Thanks for stopping by :) xxx

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