Saturday, 30 May 2015

Win a Glamping Holiday!

I've teamed up with the guys from the amazing for your chance to win a glamping holiday at one of 35 Wigwam Holiday sites, £75 to spend on Get The Label and your very own glamping survival box as pictured above!

As you probably know by now I have been really busy these past few weeks. I've had no time to blog, take pictures or even relax. So you can imagine my delight when this amazing package arrived at my house last week. It was a total surprise, and it made my day (week actually!).

I felt like Alice in Wonderland when I unwrapped the giant box tied around the box, and the read "open". Inside is absolutely everything you could need for your own glamping trip! 

So inside was; Havaiana Flip Flops
             A Selfie Stick
                                         A Blue Tooth Portable Speaker
                                A Solar Powered Charger
                                                    A Brita Filtered Portable Water Bottle
              Dry Shampoo
                  An Energy Drink
                  Femfresh Wipes
                         Stain Remover Wipes
               An Energy Bar
                Glucose Tablets

Absolutely everything you could possibly need to have an amazing glamping trip! They have everything covered. I've never been a massive camping fan, but 'glamping' sounds right up my street, especially now I have everything covered to survive! 

To enter the competition follow this link here and follow the instructions. 

You can follow Get The Label on social media at @getthelabel

A massive thank you to the everyone at Get The Label, I cannot wait to start using everything! 

Lauren x


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