Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Denim Duster

Hello! Ok, so all of my blog posts will now start with an apology! Catwalk Killa is more than a full time's 24 hours a day! Not that I'm complaining, as it's so much fun, but I have just not had time to take blog pictures. However, I am here!

It's a short but sweet post about the new love of my Warehouse denim duster! Where do I begin. Well, it was love at first sight when I saw a fellow blogger rocking it last month. I saved up and luckily got a massive 20% off as it was a student event (my hubby is at uni mwahaha!).

It goes with EVERYTHING. This particular look was for the Jigsaw A/A15 event which was fantastic, although it was such bad light that the pics didn't come out. Luckily, we shot these before the fashion show. This is my favourite part of Manchester. It's just behind the town hall, next to the library. It's just so arty! 

So I wore my duster as a sort of dress for this outfit, but I have big plans for this bad boy, including wearing it as a dress with my gladiators (oh yes!).

I teamed it with my staple £12 F&F heels, New Look Bag and Primark hat. It was very much thrown together, but I'm quite happy with the result :)

Hope you're all well guys, see you soon!


Duster: Warehouse // Shoes: F&F (similar here) // Bag: New Look 
Hat: Primark (similar here)


  1. Love this look, cute shoes and amazing denim, perf!

    1. Thanks so much Kylie! Such a fave, I've worn it so many times and it looks so different! xxxx


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