Friday, 20 November 2015

Collaboration With Blue Vanilla

 Over the past 6 months, my style has been evolving. If I'm totally honest, it's probably been evolving ever since I started Fashion Panic last year. Having to write about my style and why I have chosen certain looks has really helped me to understand my shopping habits. When I started my blog, I literally bought whatever I wanted, whatever style, whatever colour, whatever price. This may sound like a great way of's not. I had a wardrobe full of things I never wore, colours that didn't suit me and pieces that did not mix and match. Well, let me tell you; I've had a wardrobe revelation. I went through and threw out/donated to chartity/ebayed everything that I hadn't wore in a year. The result was a massive pile of bright colours, patterns and pieces that were no longer 'on trend'. I realised, that although I agree with the phrase "forget the rules; if you like it wear it", I had taken that too literally and not thought about when I would wear it, or if it would go with anything else I wore. This brings me on to my latest collaboration with Blue Vanilla. I've been gravitating to simple, classic pieces in a neutral colour palette. This may sound a bit, well, boring. Trust me it's anything but. I now have a wardrobe where I can wear everything in it, mix and match pieces and have clothes that will last more than one season. The Trinity Grey Coat caught my eye immediatley. I needed a coat I could throw over anything, be it smart or casual. This is the perfect addition to my new, streamlined wardrobe.

You may have heard of Blue Vanilla. They have concessions in New Look and House Of Fraser, as well as a fantastic online store. I was so excited when they asked my to choose anything I wanted from their collection. I reminded myself of my new mantra "make sure it goes with everything, make sure you will wear it!". Then I spotted this absolutely perfect grey, boyfriend coat. It's over sized and slouchy, making it perfect for throwing on over all outfits. It's super soft and looks much more expensive that the £50 price tag (students get 15% off at the moment!). 

Sticking with my new rules, I teamed the coat with my fave pair of cropped flared jeans and very simple cream jumper. I felt really comfortable, but stylish. I can mix and match everything that I am wearing here, and let me tell you, it's saving me a FORTUNE! I feel like I've finally found my style, OK so it's taken me a while (I turned 27 yesterday) but I have confidence when shopping, and I now always have something to wear!

I hope you like this new look, I would love to hear your thoughts. I've over at @fashion_panic on instagram, so say hello!

See you soon,


Coat: Blue Vanilla // Jeans: Asos (similar) // Jumper: Everything5Pounds 
Trainers: Primark (similar) Bag: Catwalk Killa



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