Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Christmas Eve Outfit

So my friends that see me in real life will read this and think I'm totally lying. I saw them at the pub on Christmas Eve wearing the complete opposite of this outfit; a woolly jumper, jeans and wellies! However, we had a little family gathering in the afternoon and I thought I would jazz it up a bit in my new Asos sale trousers. Now on my Instagram post, I said I would be writing all about unflattering trousers, I was slightly misleading; I didn't mean trousers plural...I meant THIS PAIR! 

I found them the day before Christmas Eve on the Asos sale. I didn't need any more trousers, but the cut and D-ring detail had me at 'hello'. As I'm on Asos Premier (obvs) I got them the next day. I had already indulged in pre-Christmas food, so I wanted to wear something comfortable, it's also my New Years resolution to wear things straight away and not to save them for 'later' (later never happens!). Now the thing the I would describe as 'unflattering' is the gathered, paper bag style top part bit (so well described...). They don't give a great shape, but having looked bag on Asos, they aren't that flattering on the size 8 model, so I think it's just they style.

I gradually grew to like the style, although I did add heels to ensure I didn't look too short and stumpy! If 2015 taught me anything, it was to embrace the unflattering! I mean baggy, androgynous shapes and Birkenstocks would not have been at the top of my wish list a few years ago, now I can't wait to rock them in SS16! As you can see I did decide to post this look, mainly as I'm in love with my cute Radley clutch (I'll have to do a post on the 3 ways you can wear this as it's incred!). I teamed it with another oversized white jumper and my lace up, Tesco heels!

I'm loving neutrals right now, (exciting I know) so the khaki was a bit of a change and is a top colur for SS16. I hope this has inspired you to try some unflattering trousers of your own!

Happy New Year!

Lauren x

Trousers: Asos // Jumper: Zara // Shoes: F&F (similar) // Bag: Radley 

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