Teddy Coat

Coats; a girl can never have too many. To me, they are the ultimate winter necessity, and the more styles, colours and fabric, the better! I may be slightly biased, as it's well known that I have a slight coat addiction. But how could I not!? They cover your entire outfit, you could be wearing pyjamas and nobody would ever know. They finish your look, showcase your style and most importantly; keep you warm.

Today, I'm showing you my season favourite, the teddy coat. I bought it from Miss Guided during their student 20% off offer, so it was only £32, which for the quality and style is an absolute bargain. I get so many compliments when I wear it, plus it's super cosy and practical.

I wore my teddy, with my all time fave, my beloved culottes. I've not really worn them in a while, mainly due to this awful cold weather we're having up here in Manchester, but also because they tend not to look that amazing with my big winter coats. I think they look fab (if I do say so myself) with my teddy coat, I think it's predominately they length of the coat; it's that perfect cover-hips-thighs-bum length. 

I finished the look with my Catwalk Killa bag and the boots you'll find on my feet most days; my RI sock boots. 

How do you feel about wearing culottes in the winter months? 

Coat: Miss Guided // Culottes: New Look // Boots: River Island // Bag: Catwalk Killa


  1. Love a teddy coat, I own a black one myself and it's so cosy

  2. Hi Angelica! Yes it's SO cosy! I wear it almost every day, it's just not that great in the rain...lol xx

  3. Replies
    1. It's no problem, thanks for reading! <3 xx

  4. Those boots though! Gorgeous coat!

    1. Ah thanks Kylie! They're my absolute faves! xxx

  5. babe you look fantastic as always! those boots are killer. (i may have to get them, since we're twins and all ;) )

    love this post!

    1. Thanks gorge <3 I wish you loved nearer, we could totally share wardrobes!

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