Friday, 26 February 2016

Collaboration with Clarks

One of my earliest memories is buying my first pair of 'grown up' school shoes. I was four years old, and my mum had taken me to our local Clarks store. I'm pretty sure that's where my passion for fashion was first ignited. I was allowed to choose any pair that were in the school collection and I vividly remember the feeling of having independence to choose what I wanted to wear, and how wonderful the shoes made me feel. I felt like I could do anything in my new shoes, I had chosen them and I was ready to conquer the world. This may sound dramatic, (me!? never!) but I can honestly say that being able to choose what I wanted to wear, and what I wanted to look like to the world, had a profound influence on my entire love affair with fashion.

The quote "give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" is undeniably a fact. It's not about the shoe itself, it can be any style; heels, flats, trainers or boots, but if you have chosen them, and they make you feel good, then you can conquer the world!

As some of you will know, I attended my very first London Fashion Week recently. I felt the same nerves and apprehension as I did about my first day at school. I didn't know what it was going to be like, would I be wearing the right thing, would people judge me? It was only fitting then, that I revisited the brand that helped me out some 23 years ago. Clarks shoes have been a staple in our household for what feels like forever. Quality, comfort and style have ensured we keep returning after all these years. As a fashion blogger, I'm obviously interested in the more high fashion aspect of their range. So when I read about their new collaboration with the V&A museum, I couldn't wait to try some! The range celebrates the decade that "changed fashion forever" - the swinging sixties.  

The range is an eclectic mix of sleek silhouettes, clashing patterns and ultra stylish flats. Whilst I was in London I had quite a few meetings, which meant I couldn't be running around in uncomfortable shoes. I needed style and comfort, which is why I chose these absolute babes! The black patent leather Swixties Ball were the perfect pair for my important 24 hours at London Fashion Week. Ever since Gucci showcased their loafers on the catwalk last season, I have been after a pair. Who needs Gucci, when you can have these! They embody the sixties vibes, yet have the modern twist. I wore the shoes for a good 3 hours and I didn't have one pain, blister or uncomfortable feeling. I can honestly say, this has never happened with a brand new pair of shoes! Even with expensive leather ones, I have always had to carry plasters with me. I couldn't believe how comfortable they actually were. They are incredibly flattering, and elongate your foot, with a feminine shape. As they are patent leather, they don't squeeze your feet, they stretch and mould to suit you. They are also super practical as they are water resistant and wont mark!

I paired them with black skinnies and my over sized coat. They finished off the look perfectly, making the outfit professional yet casual; perfect for meetings!

I absolutely loved collaborating with such an iconic brand that has had such a big influence of my life. I can't wait to see what they have in store next!

Shoes: Clarks 

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