Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Frock and Frill

Just before Christmas, I was sent the most beautiful dress from Frock and Frill. I’m a genuine fan of the brand and regularly add them to my wish list on Asos! Although I’d say the specialise in dresses, the also design and make skirts, tops and accessories, all with stunning hand stitched beading that the brand is famous for. The dresses are divine and are perfect for a special occasion, bridesmaid dresses or proms. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was asked to chose any one from the website. My original plan was to wear in for New Year’s Eve, unfortunately the winter lurgy got me, and I was snuggled up in bed at 12am, but with Valentine’s Day having just been and gone, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get glammed up and show off my beautiful dress.

With it being a Valentines themed post, I was asked by the guys at Frock and Frill to share a romantic story or an occasion where I would wear my dress. I thought I’d share my engagement story, as this dress would have been perfect for such a special occasion. I nearly ended up missing my own engagement party as I wasn’t feeling great and had decided to stay in and watch a DVD with copious amounts of chocolate and wine. My then boyfriend (now hubby), kept saying we should really go and I’d feel better when I got to this ‘night out’. After an hour of trying and failing to persuade me, I suddenly got a call from my mum in England (I was living abroad at the time!) saying I really should go out tonight, I would enjoy it. Thinking it was a bit strange, I eventually threw an old cardigan on, my bf’s slippers and went downstairs to the restaurant, where I was greeted by our of our friends sparklers, flowers and my boyfriend down on one knee! Despite it being a wonderful night, my scraggy cardigan and old man slippers wasn’t the ideal look I was going for, for my engagement party! We laugh about it now, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing...other than my outfit! 

This stunning navy cocktail dress has just the right amount of glamour. Not over the top, but classic and perfect for so many occasions. I’m going to wear it to an upcoming wedding, paired with a black blazer and clutch bag. I’ve already had so many compliments from the pictures I’ve shared on social media, and I can’t wait for people to see it in the flesh!

Find more stunning dresses on the Frock and Frill Website

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