Friday, 26 February 2016

Vesper Dresses

I have to admit; I'm not really a dress sort of gal. I used to love them, so easy to throw on and a lot less stress trying to work out a two piece outfit. But after I left uni and had a bit more time to get ready in the morning, I started to move away from dresses, and felt a bit too girly when I wore one. So when Vesper emailed me asking if I wanted to collaborate, I was a bit nervous about having to wear a dress! I needn't have been worried; I love their dresses! Although their range is predominately dresses, they do have a few blazers and jackets. Every piece is designed to "flatter and enhance the female form", which they certainly do.

Ironically, I went for a dress that I could wear over trousers. I love the layering look that was on the catwalks last year, and layering dresses and skirts over trousers is definitely having a revival (although I always envision S Club Seven circa 2001). 

I chose the beautiful Cavalli knee length dress in khaki. I could have worn it on it's own, but I decided to style it up in a way that I could wear everyday, on this particular occasion I wore it out for a meal and whacked on my fave heels. It really is incredibly flattering. from the tie waist which synches you in, to the V neck which totally elongates your upper half, it really is a beautiful dress. It's also great as it's stretchy fabric, and not super tight, so it skims over your curves, rather that stick to them!

I have also worn it over some boyfriend jeans and layered it over a white tee, which really updated my look. Just layering different pieces to give a variety of textures is really on trend and really easy to do. I love that the dress is so versatile, I know another blogger who chose it and our final outfit posts couldn't be more different, it really can fit with any style.

Dress: Vesper  

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