Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Collaboration With CaseApp

 It seems that everyone is going mad for personalisation lately. Well, why not!? In a world full of everyone following the same trends, buying the same phones and going to the same places, it's nice to have something unique to you. My favourite way to show off personalisation is definitely with my accessories. Somewhere not to obvious, but a classy little way to show something is yours. Not being an Apple user (I know...) I find it really hard to find phone cases. Plenty of places make Samsung ones, but only give you a few choices. That's why I was so excited to collaborate with the fabulous Swedish case company; CaseApp.

The provide endless choices of stylish covers for phones, laptops and tablets! You can either choose one of their designs, and edit and add bits to it, or you can start from scratch. I mixed it up a bit, and chose their very on trend palm leaf pattern, and I added my initials. I took it with me to LFW and I got lots of compliments, especially from Samgung users!

I spent an hour deciding which one to choose, they are so many options, and art work that you can add to make you case unique to you. Of course the amazing marble designs are really popular, but the fact you can put your stamp on it makes it that little bit different.

The lovely people over at CaseApp have given my readers 20% off all designs, so you can go and treat yourself to a fabulous new case. Just use code: PANIC20CA at the checkout!

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