Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring Transitions

What better way to get back into blogging after a very fattening Easter, than to show you a few looks for 'Spring Transitioning'. I find this title rather ironic living in Manchester, or the UK in general, as I feel our whole wardrobe is in a constant state of Spring Transitioning; it's either cold and wet or slightly warmer but still raining. However this does not mean we can't live in hope of a few 19c days guys! I recently worked with the clothing company Be Jealous, who are another Mancunian brand I am proud to collab with. They sent me some gorgeous knitwear, and as Spring is apparently now with us (hmmm) I thought I'd style them up in a "I'm ready to take my coat off" kinda way.

The first look was with my new fave jumper (and it's just £13.99!). I don't know if you can tell in the pictures (which is ridiculous as a fashion blogger, I know!) but the sleeves are flared, making it bang on trend. I have a major thing for sleevs at the mo. You can probably tell if you've read my recent posts, but I literally stalk IG for sleeve porn. I could look at pretty sleeves all day!

The jumper itself it gorgeous quality and it wasn't too warm. I'm like a granny and get hot really easily, so I can't be doing with knitted warm jumpers. I paired it with some 'marmite' jeans aka man repellers! Even I couldn't decide on these jeans, and I love me some unflattering trousers ha! They are wide leg, and cropped, so they aren't the most flattering style. I loved wearing them, but I felt the made me look short and dumpy on my pictures...the jury is out guys! By the way, I only bought them online 2 weeks ago, but they're not there now! You can definitely find them in store, not that I've done much to persuade you to get them ha! I finished the look with my gorgeous new bag from Dash On In. It's perfect for spring, the colour is very neutral, so it goes with creams and whites.

Be Jealous also send me a gorgeous dress jumper! Unfortunately it was a bit too long for me, however, it was so lovely that I decided to do a bit of a remodel. Ok that sounds like I did something amazing and ellaborate, where as actually I just tied it in a knot...but I was obsessed with the result! This is literally tied on my hip and it stayed tied up all day! Knots are another big trend this season, and with this jumper you can achieve the look really easily and affordably!

I wore the jumper over my Zara jeans, which I like better when they are layered, and finished the look with my fish net socks, which I totally get are very love/hate, but I'm definitely in the love camp guys!

First look; Jumper: Be Jealous // Jeans: Zara (similar) // Bag: Dash On In // 
Shoes: River Island (similar)

Second look; Jumper: Be Jealous // Jeans: As before // Bag: Radley // Shoes: As before


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