Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Power of the Blazer

As a fashion blogger, I often get asked what my 'go to' piece is. Until last year, I really wouldn't have had an answer for you. I was, let's say...eclectic with my style. I bought what I liked, rather than what I liked to wear. You may ask what the difference is; well, it's what I think looks nice, for example patterns/colour/over the knee boots...but I don't enjoy wearing any of those. Over the past 18 months, my style has evolved. I now really think about an item before purchasing. I don't just think about where I would wear it to, but I also ask, what would I wear it with, is it similar to something I already have or will it go with my style? The only item in my wardrobe that I genuinely don't have to think about, is my classic, unassuming blazer. I bought the blazer 2 years ago (yes 2 whole years!) from Mango, for a rather pricey £80. At the time, and even today, that is a lot for me to spend on one item. However, it is without doubt the best £80 I have ever spent!

When I say it goes with anything, I literally mean anything! Worn over dresses, shirts, crop tops or even just a basic top like in this look, it simply works. I feel I've become more comfortable in my style with the older I get. At 27, I don't feel I look 'too old' when I wear a blazer (yes I thought I looked old at 25, but 2 years makes all the difference!). I now feel like I can wear what I want! Obviously, it helps that it's black, beautifully cut and pretty simple, but do not underestimate the power of the blazer. The outfit it this look was worn to a meal out with friends. All day I had been working and I was wearing the jeans and grey top. It was a last minute invite and I had 15 minutes to get ready; blazer time! Instantly updated, smartened up and polished off my very casual outfit. 

I will never get tired of my blazer, and if there's one thing I would recommend that you invest in, it's the blazer!

Blazer: Mango (similar here, here and here) // Jeans: Asos
 Boots: River Island (similar here) // Bag: Catwalk Killa


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