Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dressed Down Style

Something happened this week that made me laugh. Like literally oh em gee I can't breathe laugh. Ok, so it doesn't take an awful lot to make me LOL, but the irony of the situation was actually rather life affirming. As most of you will know, not all is as it appears on social media, especially picture perfect selfies or staged 'natural' shots. Now stick with me here, this is actually related to fashion/outfits. Basically, and as you will probably now know if you follow me on snap chat (fashion_panic) that I'm not the most naturally glamorous person. I work from home the majority of the time, which often means I stay in my PJs until 10am. I have actually pretended to the Post Man I 'work nights' so he didn't judge me when delivering his daily Asos parcel...I know, I'm going to hell. Back to the issue. Basically, I get changed into my gym gear, so when I have to pop out, it looks like I'm just on my way home from the gym (greasy hair included).  

Over the past few weeks, I've ran into a very old and dear friend twice, who on both occasions, didn't actually recognise me as I looked THAT rough. The first time, I was wearing a bobble hat (in 16c) my brother's hoody and gym pants. The second time, basically the same - the hat. No make up/hair scraped back and completely chilled. His actual reaction was omg you're a fashion blogger and you look like THIS (the only thing a close friend could get away with!). I was crying laughing, as once I could get away with it, but twice and my secret was out!

It made me think, I don't show enough of that side of me, and I don't think that's healthy. That's why I decided to download snap chat and give you a look at the 'real' me. To keep to this topic, this is a look I shot a few weeks ago when I wasn't wearing any make up. Ok so my face isn't in it. But the point is, I really didn't like this shoot. My hair wasn't done, I felt bloated and crappy, but I wanted to show it to you any way. In fact, I'm going to make a concious decision to be more 'real' on social media. Yes I love clothes and looking nice, can I be bothered to do it every day; hell no!

This is a complete staple outfit of mine. GF jeans, striped top and my faux leather jacket. I love how I can literally throw it on and not think too much about it. I've linked similar pieces below, as apart from the shoes and bag, everything is old!

Jacket: Boohoo // Jeans: Asos // Top: Asos // Bag: Radley // Shoes: Zara 


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