Monday, 9 May 2016

Silk and Denim

 Pink is not usually the colour that you'd find me in. I happen to love the colour, it's just that the colour does not love me. I normally look washed out, or ultra girly - both things that I'm not too keen on. But when I had the chance to style up this stunning dusty pink silk shirt, from up and coming label Mille Saisons, I knew that it wouldn't be my usual encounter with the colour. Lingerie, night wear, whatever you like to call it; has been everywhere this season. Wearing delicate, lacy, silk slips and feminine silhouettes will continue to be a big hit in SS16, with the trend finally filtering down to the high streets. I've indulged in the odd underwear as outerwear kind of thing, but I tended to stick to my usual black.  

I instantly fell for the Ayumi tshirt. Not just the colour, but the elegant simplicity and the beautiful way it dazzled, with an almost iridescent quality. I adore silk. I think it's without doubt, the sexiest, most scrumptious material there is. It's been a staple with fashionistas for 100s of years and it's easy to see why. It needs nothing adding to it; it's perfect the way it is. This simple tee is cut to perfection, and drapes it's way over the body. It's not just flattering, but also figure enhancing.

I could think of nothing better than to pair it with the stark contrast of raw denim. I wanted to keep the look as simple as possible, so I finished the outfit with my nude kitten heels and square necklace. The necklace is one of my favourite new pieces of jewellery. It gives plain, unassuming pieces, a bit of a 2016 revamp, and I've found myself wearing it with nearly everything!

Mille Saisons have some stunning pieces. Their debut collection is described as 'romantic sports luxe' and it's exactly that. Modern, yet classic shapes, it has the ballet as one of its inspirations, which you can see throughout the collection, especially in my beautiful shirt. 

I've loved bringing back pink into my wardrobe colour palette, and I think I need to be braver in the future and get a little out of my comfort zone more!

T-Shirt: Mille Saisons // Jeans: Zara // Necklace: Topshop (similar here)


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