Friday, 24 June 2016

Bloom and Wild - Letterbox Flowers

 For the past month or so, I've been feeling really under the weather. I suffer quite badly with hormone levels, and this month they've decided to be more annoying than usual. I was in bed last Friday feeling utterly miserable and very sorry for myself, when I received a wonderful little surprise. Through my letterbox came the most beautiful peonies; yes that's right - through my letterbox! Bloom and Wild specialise in creating stunning arrangements that can fit right through your door. This means no more waiting in, no more flowers getting ruined from being left outside your front door - and my favourite part, is that you literally see them 'bloom'.

They arrived in a long cardboard box, each stem was individually wrapped and in perfect condition. Things are explained very clearly of how to prepare your flowers, with just 3 simple steps. You can cut them to any length, choose your own vase or even split them up. This took me just 5 minutes, and it's so therapeutic! I put the peonies in one case, and left them on my windowsill. Just 5 hours later they were nearly all out in full bloom, it was incredible, I presumed they would take days! They got so big, that I did in fact split them up.

There are so many arrangements that you can choose from, all ranging in prices, but all equally as beautiful. They are such a unique and beautiful way to receive flowers and are absolutely perfect for a gift. You don't have to worry if the person will be in, you can just choose and order - no worries!

I'm very lucky to work with Bloom and Wild and I can't wait to get my next arrangement!


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