Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Wonderful Ways In Which Blogs Work

So a bit of an unusual post for Fashion Panic today, it's not about fashion, but about blogging in general. I often get asked why I started my blog, or what the best things are about blogging, and I always reply that it's the friends I've met along the way. This is obviously still true - but today, something else happened that made me realise just how special, not only blogging, but social media in general really is.

So I often get contacted by amazing brands who want to collaborate, and I'm always beyond grateful. Last week a very exciting company (Imperial Photo Booth) emailed asking if I'd like to blog about them and the service the provide, which happens to be the super cool photo booths for events! You know, the Kimmy K style portable booths that instantly make any party memorable. Well, unfortunately, I didn't have any events coming up (I know - such an exciting life I lead!) so I had to turn it down (Although I totally  thought about suggesting just having it in my house for continuous selfies...).

Anyway - getting to the point. I follow an amazing local charity called 'Gift Of A Wedding' which creates weddings at short notice for a bride or groom that has a terminal illness. The weddings and memories that they create for people are just beyond incredible. A wedding is a day in your life when you should be looking forward to the future, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Gift Of A Wedding, put together beautiful weddings, sometimes at just a few days notice, and always create a day that friends and family will cherish forever. I first heard about the charity from my mum when she was looking for somewhere that would want 5 lots of balloons we had spare from a party. Someone recommended them, and we donated the balloons to a wonderful couples wedding.

Shannon And Will on their wedding day. Sadly Will passed away shortly after their dream day.

From then on, I've always made sure I look out for people that could help. All of the weddings are made from donations, from wonderful companies that really do go all out to provide the best wedding the couple could wish for.

Yesterday I noticed that they were in desperate need of a Photo Booth in the Manchester area - well I thought of Ali and his company straight away. I mean what are the chances that I would know someone who runs a photo booth company! Imperial got back to me straight away and said that they'd love to help the couple, despite just having 2 days notice! I just couldn't get over what a great moment of serendipity had happened, and all down to social media and blogs.

I really wanted to tell you a little bit more about Imperial as they are doing so an amazing thing, and I also think it's a must have for a party! You can get green screen backgrounds, unlimited printed pics, instant uploads to social media and so much more. You can find out more here! I seriously need one when I have a party...(I may plan one just for the booth!).

If you get a chance it would mean a lot to me if you could check out Gift For A Wedding, as they provide weddings up and down the country, and you can apply for yourself of family members on their website here.

I know this isn't about fashion, but it just highlights just how small the world is getting, and for me, that's only a good thing. We all have so much we can give, and just having these simple connections can really help out someone who really needs it. 

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