Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Week In Outfits With Missy Empire

Apologies for what seems like an age since I've last written a blog post. In reality it's been just over a week...but I feel I owe you a big outfit run down. So this wasn't going to be about any brand in particular, but it turned into a bit of a Missy Empire feature, so thought I may as well give it the title it deserved! Missy Empire contacted me a few weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on their link. Although proudly Manchester based, they are much more my 'cup of tea' and have some amazing, very-on-trend pieces for absolute bargain prices!

I start with this polka dot blouse of dreams. It really was love at first sight when I saw the sleeves. Yes, frills and massive frills at that. If you follow me on IG then you'll know about 99% of my recent purchases have been frills. Big statement sleeves are right up my street, something that makes an impact but stays classy. I wore it to the opening of the new &other stories store and I cannot count how many people asked where it was from! Plus it was £16 - I mean come on guys!

I was truly enthuiscatic when ordering each piece. I genuinely would have bought the clothes, if I hadn't so kindly been gifted them. This is why last week turned into a Miss Empire outfit medley. I bring you next on to perhaps my fave pair of mom jeans that I own. I sized up and got a 12 as I really hate tight pants...I didn't have to, as they were slightly too big, but this just added to the 'mom' action. They are fab quality and great sizing, what more could you want. Again, I wore to a blogger event and at least 5 girls asked me where they were from. I never get that about jeans, so it says a lot about them!

Finally I got this beaut mac and some ahhhmazing flatforms, which I haven't worn yet due to the fantastic Manchester summer...but I'll get a pic on IG asap. The mac is the perfect length, it feels on trend, not frumpy and is perfect for summer when it gets a bit too chilly for a t-shirt. I've worn it 3/4 times in the past 2 weeks, and know it will be a great staple over the coming months. 

So yes; I didn't intend to do a post about Missy Empire, but their pieces are just so good, I just had to mention them!

Outfit 1: Blouse: Missy Empire // Jeans: Asos // Shoes: Mango 

Outfit 2: Blouse: H&M // Jeans: Missy Empire // Shoes: New Look

Outfit 3: Mac: Missy Empire // Jeans: Missy Empire // Shoes: Next 
Bag: Stella McCartney (similar)


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