Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Facial With Clarins

As I've said before, my blog has brought some amazing opportunities for me. My most recent one was being treated to a facial at Clarins in the Trafford Centre's Selfridges store. Yes, they have a treatment room there! You would never know by looking, but the Clarins counter hides an iddillic haven away from all the hustle and bustle of the beauty floor. As soon as I stepped through the glass door I felt calm. I presume they have sound proofing as it's so quiet and peaceful and you feel a million miles away from the hectic shoppers.

After a quick consultation, where I discussed my skin care routine, my problem areas and what I felt I was needing, I was advised to have a Tri - Active facial which is an incredible customised facial, with  a concentrated 25minute anti ageing treatment and massage. Even though I am 27, I am starting to see some fine lines around my mouth and eyes, so I was looking forward to seeing a difference. I went for the 'Radiance Reviver' which starts at £70 for 1hr 25mins or £85 for 1hr 45mins. Before the facial started I was given a tissue with some essential oil on, and I had to take a few long, deep breaths to help me get in the zone. This worked wonders, although to be honest I had already felt "in the zone" since I had stepped into the treatment room! My beauty therapist was lovely, and we chatted away though most of it, which I loved. I enjoy talking during a facial, and have found it a bit awkward if the therapist doesn't talk (although I know for some that's better). She recommended a number of products throughout the treatment, and explained every treatment and product she was using which was great, as I was obsessed with an oil she used, and that's definitely on my list for pay day!

After a blissful 1hr and 25mins I was nearly asleep. I felt well and truly zoned out and my face was tingling with the beautiful products. My skin was glowing, and my therapist explained that all of the Tri - Active facials are equivalent to having an 8 hour sleep for your skin. My fave product had to be the HydraQuench serum which felt like water going on, but then felt amazing when you started to rub it around the face. It's perfect for dehydrated and dull looking skin which I definitely had!

After the facial I had a quick look at the new products, where my therapist talked me through what would help with my skin. I was recommended one of the new boosters which are a concentrated oil that you can add to your own moisturiser/serum or even your foundation. As the name suggests they give your skin a 'boost'. There are 3 in the collection; Detox, Repair and the one I went for, Energy.

I've been using the serum for over 2 weeks now, by adding it to my moisturiser at night, and I have to say, the results are incredible! I'm already a massive Clarins fan, but I like to think you can trust what I write on here - It's amazing. I have colour in my cheeks again, and it looks and feels a lot smoother.

I just want to thank all the girl at the Clarins counter in the Trafford Centre's Selfridges, it was a fantastic experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can find a list of all the available treatments here.

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