Monday, 25 July 2016

My Evening At The Vouge 100 Exhibition

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the opening of the Vogue 100 exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery. Initially I just read that, and was already incredibly exited as I had missed it when I had been in London. However; I then read further down the page - it would be opened by none other that the Editor of British Vogue herself; Alex Shulman. OH MY GOD!!! I had a mini breakdown at the thought, I mean what would I wear!?

I'm a regular visitor to the Manchester Art Gallery. I've studied art and design all of my life, and there's nothing I love more than wandering round the gallery on a Saturday afternoon. They've had some amazing exhibitions over the years, but this is one of my absolute favourites!

I decided to take Mus (Instagram/real husband) as he also loves the gallery and to be honest it probably one of the only blogger events that doesn't involve make up/clothes/catching up (although I suppose it did...). Anyway, we put our glad rags on (Okay wait that sounds so simple; In reality I was trying to plan my outfit for 2 whole weeks, starting with the flamboyant, super 'on trend end' of the wardrobe, and ending up in the 'classic' stylish bits. The day came and it was about 32c and I was hormonal and bloated, so ended up in my stretchy Zara pants and a blouse that covered my tummy - oh the joys of being a woman!).

I digress. We turned up at the museum and were shown to the 'VIP' area (ha, the only time I promise) and shown into a room with a beautiful collection of clothes were on display. I immediately spotted Alex and was just in awe. Effortlessly elegant and stylish, she just had an amazing presence, a true inspiration! Mus was very uncool and tried to get a picture of her, as I obvs wasn't going to ask her for one!

I also saw the lovely Samio and L'oreal, and just as they appeared, we were introduced to Alex and the curator of Vogue 100; Robin Muir as well as Fiona Corridan who is the curator at the gallery. There were only around 15 of us, Samio and I being the only bloggers - we felt incredibly lucky! We were then given a private tour of the exhibition, which was just an amazing insight. I literally couldn't believe it. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I've been a Vogue reader/collector since I was 12, and to be there with the Editor and curator (also a contributing Vogue Editor) was just incredible. 

I genuinely loved the exhibition, and although not as big as the London one, it definitely showcased the amazing publication that has been with us for 100 years. Robyn told us why he had chosen each piece and what had inspired certain covers and issues. It was fascinating and I had to keep pinching myself!

After the private tour we went downstairs to where other guests had arrived and enjoyed some drinks, before some gorgeous food in the museum's cafe. I was then a total fan girl and bought Roybn's book on the exhibition and got him to sign it for me - which he did and was SO lovely. He even wrote "To Lauren - You're so Vogue!" I DIED. Mus enjoyed it to, and loved hearing about how the first fashion photographers started their work and how the wars  impacted the magazine.

The best thing about Vogue 100 is that it's our beautiful city, in our beautiful gallery and it's FREE for everyone! Unlike in London, where it was rather pricey, anyone can go and enjoy and celebrate 100 years of one of the most incredible and world changing (literally) magazines!

I definitely recommend it, and would love to hear if you've been!

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