Saturday, 17 September 2016

Christian Louboutin - The New Fragrance

“ I wanted to celebrate woman and her desires. I wanted these fragrances to enhance an aspect of her personality, or perhaps reveal something about her that no one knew before" - Christian Louboutin

I've said many times over that past two years, that my blog has made some of my dreams come true. I know sometimes I can be a tad dramatic (me? never!). However, if you'd told me a few years ago that I would be meeting the Communications Director of Christian Louboutin on a sunny Tuesday morning at the Manchester Selfridges store, I would have called you insane. Well, that's exactly what happened last week, when I was invited down to meet Jana Khoury to discuss the launch of the new Louboutin fragrance line.

 I've been a massive fan of CL since I can remember. I actually completed an entire project about him at high school (I don't know how I managed to work him into an I.T project). I've always loved the absolute glamour your mind conjures up when someone mentions his name. He epitomises female power and beauty and his heels are iconic around the globe. Last year I watched the Channel 4 documentary about his life and work, and it made me fall in love with him even more. I actually managed to see him in the flesh when he visited Manchester this time last year to launch the Louboutin concession at Selfridges. He was just as you expected him to be; funny, witty and stylish - his presence was electric and everyone adored him.

This funny, clever man is a modern day genius, and best of all he champions women. Women of all shapes, sizes, races and religions. To him, all women are beautiful and powerful and his heels only seek to add to this female empowerment.

Although I've followed his journey for years, I've not yet been lucky enough to own a pair of his heels. I've just never been in the position that I could afford a pair. However, this doesn't stop me having them at the top of my 'wish list' and they will be on there until I have them in my wardrobe! However; in 2014 Christian Louboutin Beaute was launched, which would allow everyone to get a piece of the Louboutin magic. Initially starting with statement red of his soles, encapsulated in a chip resistant nail polish, set in a lavish bottle inspired by the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris. With a stiletto heel as the lid, it is practically a work of art in itself. Over the past two years, more shades have been added, and the range now extends to stunning lipsticks, all with luxurious, over the top (in the best way) packaging, which truly stands out from the rest of the beauty products on the market.

The new fragrance range consists of three stunning scents, each with their own personality. As with the rest of the beaute products, the packaging is incredible. The bottles were designed by Thomas Heatherwick, who has worked on some incredible projects, such as the Olympic cauldron in the 2012 games. You immediately want to touch the bottles; so tactile and enticing and almost magical; they glow and illuminate the liquid inside. They don't arrive in a box; but instead the bottles are covered in hard, clear plastic, so you can see them in all their glory. Jana mentioned that she thought it looked as though you are receiving and Oscar, as the bottles appear so upright and ooze glamour.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a fragrance fiend. I adore new perfumes, and love how they can instantly change your mood, remind you of a memory or generally make your day better. So I was incredibly eager to smell the fragrances the Louboutin himself, decided encapsulated the women he wanted to inspire. I was not disappointed when I finally got the chance to try them; Trouble In Heaven -  "intoxicating and mysterious", this has to be my favourite. The deep musky tones, create a vivid picture of luxury, and to me remind me of autumn nights. Tornado Blonde - "the scent of desire, love and adventure" this light, sexy scent is floral yet light, and the rose and violet tones linger on beautifully. Finally, Bikini Questa Sera - "intimate and compelling", this fun flirty fragrance epitomises the heat of summer nights, I absolutely adored the jasmine base of this one; so sultry and dark.

Jana herself was wonderful to talk to and explained the thoughts and reasoning behind each of the three fragrances. It was truly fascinating to talk to someone who worked with Christian himself. You can tell he likes to be surrounded by intelligent, powerful women and to have a one to one talk with Jana was amazing. Before I left I was given a gift which contained the three fragrances and one of the iconic nail polishes - Christmas had come early! What an incredible morning spent with an inspirational women, discussing one of the world's most well known men. I told you this blog makes my dreams come true!

You can purchase the perfume here and the rest of the beaute range is available here.

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