Monday, 21 November 2016

London With Hermès

I often write about incredible experiences that starting my blog has exposed me to. Working with brilliant people, great brands and doing things I never thought I would. Last week, was a real highlight of the 2 years that I have run Fashion Panic. I was invited down to London by Hermes and Selfridges, to their Crazy Carre scarf launch. Not only the party in the evening, but also a visit to their flag ship store. As you can imagine, I tried to stay cool, but this was MAJOR for me. After the initial melt down over what to wear to one of the most luxurious brand events I have ever attended, I started to get just little excited about my trip to London. Hermes treated me to first class tickets down, so I travelled in style and was already feeling totally spoilt. 

I made my way to New Bond Street which is where the stunning Hermes store stands. Passing countless designer brands on the way, I noticed the difference when I reached Hermes. Modern, with a vintage twist, the store stood out from the rest of the street. There was a certain elegance and class, that a lot of the other brands seem to have lost. There were no glitter balls, bright colours of over the top mannequins; it was plain, simple and effective. Inside was even more breathtaking. I may sound a little OTT, but it's a little dream come true as a fashion lover, being able to experience the most beautiful brands, and I've admired Hermes for years. Whilst at the store, I met the lovely PR girls and my fellow Northern blogger Samio (she's done a fab vlog about it, you can view it here)! It was such a lovely surprise to have a friend there, and we were even more surprised when we realised it would just be the two of us! We were treated to scarf workshop where we were taught all of the different ways we could tie their famous scarves. The 2 store assistants were experts and showed us things we'd never seen from a scarf before; including how to make a clutch bag and even cat ears!

After a fantastic afternoon in the store, we then had the afternoon to explore London before the party later that night. I actually brought my mum along with me to do a little Christmas shopping. We had a fabulous time in Covent Garden and even had time to do the tourist spots. Later that night, I met up with my best friend who now lives in London, as I had a plus one for the event. We had no idea what to expect, but the moment we walked through the door at The Old Selfridges Hotel, we were transported to the magical, elaborate world of Hermes! Those of you who follow me on IG may have seen my (many) snaps from the night. I literally do not know where to start. 

As we checked in our coats, we noticed the buzz and excitement instantly. We were like children in a sweet shop and couldn't wait to get inside! We entered the party through dry ice and a tunnel of lights (Instagram dream!), to be then met with gorgeous waiters (we presumes male models!) with copious amounts of cocktails. As you walked into the converted warehouse, your senses were on overload. The DJ, the cancan girls, the wall of doughnuts, it was like stepping into the Film Mouiln Rouge. We were greeted by yet more beautiful waiters handing out mac and cheese and burgers, girls giving us temporary tattoos, make up artists adding glitter to our faces, the list goes on. As we made our way around the transformed space, we discovered bars, light rooms, paint splat art work and rooms filled with exciting experiences. There were beautiful models sitting on swings, tropical plants hanging from the ceiling and cages filled with paper birds. We were in awe! Every so often the cancan girls would perform, and then dance around the crowds. My mum joined us after an hour, as Hannah was so lovely when her friend left early, and let her come in and join the fun! 

Later we were treated to Mabel and later on her mum, Neneh Cherry (legend) DJ'd. We danced, we ate we laughed so much. It was such an amazing evening and we loved every second. I must also mention Mark Francis, who attended the event, but we were too giddy to go and speak to him. My friend practically self combusted with excitement! The scarves are so beautiful and is definitely on my "wish list" and I will be saving up for one in the future!

You can now peruse the new collection at the new Hermes Boutique in the Exchange Square store (it's all AMAZING!)

I just want to thank the lovely Alice from Carousel PR and Hannah from Hermes for making such an incredible experience possible. I will honestly remember it forever!

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