Sunday, 6 November 2016

Nugg Depuff Eye Masks (AKA My new beauty hero!)

I've been on a sort of roll this month when it comes to beauty. I feel like I should have embraced all things beauty/skin care related YEARS ago, as I'm having so much fun trying new products; not to mention finding some life changing (literally) beauty finds. Now I wasn't asked to right a review for Nugg, I just happened to be sent some samples a while back. Along with some gorgeous face masks, which were also amazing, but nothing came close to their 'depuff eye masks'. 

If I had to say something about my make up regime that I struggled with, it would always be my eyes. I have fine lines (okay, so I am 28 in 2 weeks, so I should probably expect some) but I also suffer from under eye bags. To be fair, this is something that I've disliked for years, so I don't think its just ageing. I have tried countless products, from £100 eye creams, to simple cucumber. I drink loads of water and don't have too much sugar; basically I've done everything humanly possible to help make things look better. This is where Nugg come in. I was intrigued to try their depuff masks, but had no great hopes having already tried a million "depuff" creams. They come in packs of 6, and you get 12 eye pads to put on after you've smoothed the thick gel under your eyes. The gel is cooling and my eyes felt refreshed after just a few minutes, so I was already pretty impressed; but it was when I removed the pads, that I instantly noticed a massive difference! Now, as I said, I've not been asked to do this review, but I felt compelled to share my new hero, as quite frankly, I've never had a product work like it!

My under eye dark circles were gone. Not just faded, but gone! My husband noticed a difference straight away, and I did a little test, by not mentioning what the product did. He said I looked awake and "healthy"! You can honestly feel the difference before you see it! My fine lines and wrinkles looked plumper and less distinguished. I applied make up after using them and I hardly used any under eye concealer. The gel contains all natural ingredients like caffeine and vitamin B5, both designed to reduce puffiness and soothe the skin; which it definitely does!

You can buy the pack of six for just £12.95 and they are worth every penny. I now use them before nights out or special events, I would use them every day if I could afford it! The reviews online all agree, and they get numerous 5 star reviews. If you want to add a great new product to your regime for under £15 then Nugg Depuff Eye Mask is the one to get!

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