Sunday, 15 October 2017

Transitional Layers

I'm writing this post about 'transitional layers', on a supposedly Autumnal October afternoon - yes it is mid October, but in reality it's a sunny 22c WTF. Just as I thought I could bring out my wooly jumpers and ankle boots, the weather decided to have one last summer hurrah! There are now people walking around with bare legs and t-shirts - sort of a nightmare for a fashion blogger!

I shot this look last week, on an appropriate day for discussing what to wear when the days are getting shorter and the temp is getting cooler, yet not cold enough for big winter coats and hats. I'm talking layers. Oh yes; the magical way in which you can transform your outfit from on trend and fabulous, to sensible and weather appropriate. 

My Next mac has taken me through another season. It's just about a year old, but macs are still a big hit all round. Flattering, oversized and the perfect shade; a neutral mac will take you far! It's also, light, waterproof and pretty warm (told you I'm all about weather appropriate clothing #granny). I added the hat of the season, the trusty baker boy. They are everywhere, and although this one is from Zara, I have just bought a fabulous one from trusty Primark for just £4 - so if you're not 100% about the style, try a cheaper one whilst you get used to it.

Finished with my trusty ASOS loafers, Gucci bag and mom jeans, this look is my Autumn uniform. I'll switch between a beret (if I can get one that suits me...!), a polo neck and some kitten heel boots when it gets that bit colder; but a variation of this is my AW 'go-to' and is usually what you'll find me in these strange weather days!

Mac - Next (similar) // Jeans: Asos // Top: Zara (similar) // Loafers: Asos
Hat - Zara

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