Sunday, 3 December 2017

The New Way To Share and Shop With The Looker App

Is it just me, or does everyone seem to hate the new Instagram algorithm? It's definitely the hot topic of conversation right now, and if you're a blogger, or small business you will no doubt be unhappy with the new (some say very unfair) way in which you get to see your fave feed's pics. I started using Instagram as a way to share my outfits with people, which eventually turned into a fashion blog. The community was great and it was lovely to be able to share style tips with like minded people. Over the last few months, with lost followers, low engagement and not being able to see my friend's posts, it has really started to change my mind on my once favourite app. 

Luckily, there may just be a solution. Looker is an app that combines sharing pictures of your outfits, along with direct shoppable links that can make you commission. It's super easy to use, and you can download from both the apple and play stores. It's simple and straightforward; share you style, follow people who you inspire you and make money from the clothes you sell! It's like all the best bits from other apps, combined into one! 

The best thing about Looker, is that there are no 'likes' or 'followers', no competition, just pure fashion inspo! After downloading the app, you choose people to be on your 'Team'; these are the people with similar styles to you and who you want to see on a regular basis. I must warn you, it's rather addictive! I spotted something I wanted to buy within 10 minutes of having the app (RIP money!), but it's also lovely to be able to scroll and get inspo, without the worry of liking and following, and it's so refreshing! 

We can all probably admit to being caught up in the 'will they like it!?' mentality of Instagram. The constant need for approval is driving people to change their style, or post things that wouldn't normally wear (but will get likes!). To post on Looker, just because you want to, and because YOU like your outfit, feels amazing. You can get inspo from anybody, not just the people that have the most followers, or the one's that the new algorithm will let you see. Looker lets you be true to your own style, and make money along the way! I really do recommend it, especially if you're new to blogging, and worry that you don't have enough followers on Instagram. This is a lovely way to show your style, your own way. 

You can download Looker here (be sure to let me know what you think about it!).

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