Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year, New Me? Hell Yes!

Happy New Year guys and welcome to 2018! I don't know about you, but the general consensus for 2017 wasn't great. Most people seem to be glad to be rid of it, and if I'm honest, I am too. Don't get me wrong, there were some brilliant times too, but a new start is just what I need. I hate to speculate or get too excited about things (ever the optimist!) but 2018 'should' have some exciting things in store; number one, buying our very own house. Yes, at the grand old age of 29, Mus and I are finally in the position to get our own home. After years of studying, saving and living with my parents (every young couples dream!) we have been approved for a mortgage and can now make an offer on the house of our dreams. Okay, so we've seen 6 houses so far, all of which were less than dream-like, but just the fact we know we can makes it rather exciting (slash nerve-wracking!). 

I'm also concentrating on 'me' - yup, the cliche term is actually becoming a reality this year. I am back at CBT (therapy which can help anxiety), I'm starting pilates and running again and most importantly, I'm being 'kinder' to myself. Anxiety is a bitch. No way around it, it absolutely sucks. I've been avoiding things, putting off getting help and generally living a miserable, anxiety ruled existence. Last year I had a very bad 2 week period of severe anxiety attacks, and I decided enough was enough. Just before Christmas I started to see my new NHS CBT therapist, and although I know it won't be easy, I'm ready to get better for good!

Now onto the blog side of life. My love of fashion and styling has never faded, unfortunately for me, the love of Instagram has. It's no secret that most people have been affected by the new algorithm, including moi. I no longer see my friend's posts, and the posts that I do see are usually 3 or 4 days old. This is not only disheartening, but also has a very real impact on what I post and when. I used to be able to post any time of the day, and my followers would see it eventually, now, I'm down to 1 post a day, usually in the evening, as I know that's when most people are online. It feels like a gamble, and I know it will impact on my collaboration and work. However, Instagram has created some incredible opportunities and friendships, and I'm not ready to give up yet. I'm going to be a posting daily and keep my fingers crossed that people see and enjoy my content!

Whatever you have planned for the next 12 months, remember that you can achieve anything if you believe you can (sorry to sound like a walking cliche!) and my number one rule for 2018; don't compare yourself to others!

Lauren x

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