Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Summer Sale 2019 High Street Edit - Part One

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Okay, so the weather in the UK may not be June appropriate, but the stores are going in to full SS19 mode and the summer sales have started YASS! Although grabbing a few bargains is definitely brightening up my day, even I can admit it can be a little overwhelming. Fear not! I've trawled through endless pages of (let's face it...rubbish) to find some gems that you NEED in your summer wardrobe. 

A few tips for sale shopping;

- It's only a bargain if you need it, don't buy just because it's cheap! 

- Compare sites! Sometimes brands on ASOS are actually cheaper on their OWN site (cheeky ASOS!) so double check before you buy! 

- Think about fast fashion! No, I'm not going to lecture you about global warming, but we do need to buy less and buy better! Only buy if you think it will fit in with things you already have. Pieces need to work in loads of ways to be worth the money, so plan outfits as you scroll through!

And now it's time to GO GO GO! I'm going to be back with the next lot of sales (Zara/Mango etc) as soon as they go live - enjoy and happy shopping!





Monday, 13 May 2019

5 Must Have Strappy Shoes Under £50

Ahh the great British weather. The reason most of us sartorially despair this time of year. Rain, sun, SNOW? What we end up with is about as reliable as Northern Rail (for those of you who don't live up North, that means v.unreliable obvs). The reason this post is so late is of course due to the weather. I originally wrote this up back in March, when we had a few unseasonably warm days, which led me into a false sense of strappy shoe security. I went a bit crazy with the old shoe-drobe and ordered quite a few pairs. Luckily for you (and my credit card) they're all under £50. Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't keep them all; however, if I had the choice, these bad boys are all I need this SS19. From ugly dad shoes, to minimal mules; whatever your taste, I scoured the high street (and ended up mainly in Zara) so you don't have to! Enjoy, and here's to better weather for all!

Asos - £45 


Friday, 8 March 2019

International Women's Day 2019: Inspiring Words From Some Of My Favourite Women

There shouldn't be just one day where we celebrate women, but let's bloody take it - it's International Women's Day and I'm here to share some inspiring words, from some of my favourite women. 

I've always been a girl's girl. From my wonderful mum, aunties and cousins, and some incredible friends; I'm lucky enough to have always felt completely supported and empowered. I don't have a big friend circle, just a handful of close girlfriends, but each one has brought something amazing into my life. As we've grown older, we're still as close, but life has moved us about somewhat. My best friends' are in London (or the big city as we call it up North LOL) and family are also rather spread out, and although we speak all the time, it has left a gap in my daily life. 

Enter Instagram. Yup, this social media platform really has changed my life (and they say us millennials should get our more, ha!). The free app has led me to "meet" (most, not even in person) some of the most brilliant, powerful and creative women. One of my favourite sayings, no matter how corny, is; "real women polish each others crowns" - and honestly, never a truer thing has been said about this gorgeous lot. Each one has supported and inspired me. Whether it's sharing my feed, commenting on my latest outfit, discussed #bloggerproblems , cheered me on when I have new ideas, or just a simple "like" on a picture that I've spent hours shooting and editing - these girls polish my crown daily (wish that didn't sound like an innuendo) and I couldn't be more grateful. 

The whole 'influencer' role could be viewed as pretty darn stressful. Freelance is never easy, and when the entire thing is seemingly based on numbers (likes and follows) and working with the best brands, then you can see why it could be quite competitive. Well, let me tell you, I've never had anything other than complete support from other women (and men) in the 'industry'. I have blogger friends who have taken my picture on a rainy day in Manchester, they've help me build my following and grow. I've had girls share tips on filters and editing, on when to post, and even some who have recommended me to brands they've worked with - now that's girl power! 

So, with that in mind, I asked them yet again for a small favour; to share some advice or a quote that has inspired them in their life, that I can share with you and hopefully inspire you to be that supportive woman (and as usual, they all said yes - love them!).

Lindsey @ropesofholland - "We have enough trouble getting men to respect and support us in business, so we should raise each other up even more"

Alix @icovetthee - "Sometimes when I'm doubting myself or feeling alone, it's something I pull strength from, from knowing that so many women, whether I've met them or not, have shaped the world we're in today with their own lives and their own stories, and given me the chance to be who am I now"

Alice @alicecatherine - "I think I do overshare. It's my way of trying to understand myself. It creates community when you talk about private things" - Carrie Fisher

Sophia @sophiarosemary "Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you, it's not pie!"

Alex @alexlight_ldn - "But real women are fat. And thin. And both. And neither, and otherwise" - Hanne Blank

Rachael @bubblyaquarias - "Dimming someone else's light doesn't make yours shine any brighter. We can all do so much better together and should always be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down, as we're all just trying to do our best. As my Mam always says - It's easier to be nice"

Kerry @kerryannemarlin - "I've learnt to love and care for myself and not feeling ashamed for doing so. We are all guilty of that right? Felling ashamed to be confident and loving ourselves, in case we look too self indulged. Turns out I've had it wrong, to fill yourself up with love and kindness each day is life, from you by you and that's the best part! You are capable of doing so and you hold the key!" - @workinggirllife

Carys @thestyleeditorials - "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who to be? - K.W It's such a stark reminder to follow your gut instinct about what is right for you as a woman, as the social context within which we are fed messages about, from beauty to careers and roles, is riddled with subtle undercurrents of ancient sexist views"

Shaheen @shaheenchand - "I aspire to be an empowered woman with vision and grace. Softhearted but strong, self aware and sure. Respected for my mind, admired for my heart and above all, always honest, open and raw" - Growing up I always had a clear idea that this is what I would like to represent. Even today, this is my view point on what womanhood should look like. When are not to be misconceived, dominated, weak in sprit or small in mind or character. Women are strong, hard working and respected." 


Friday, 22 February 2019

Weekday Blazer That Dreams Are Made Of

As the title suggests; I'm in love. No, don't worry Mus, I'm not running off with Aidan Turner (yet). No, this is between a girl and her blazer. I may have mentioned a new love affair with Weekday. In my opinion, they can't put a foot wrong. They're affordable, incredible well cut and best of all, the sizing is upset generous...making a gal feel good. 

This blazer is the absolute dream. It's my usual size (12 in blazers/coats) and fits like it was made for me. It fits easily over jumpers, t shirts or my usual winter suspect, the polo neck! It's long enough that it covers the areas I like to hide (bum/hips) but it's also slimming and I cannot get enough of the shoulder pads! I kept things simple with my jeans, boots and bag and let the blazer do the talking. 


5 Must Have SS19 Bags Under £50

Ah bags. The part of your outfit that will always fit, always look right and can go with so many different looks. Yes, if you didn't already know, I'm a bag lady. Some people are all about the shoes - but do shoes last for years? Do shoes carry all your crap all day? NO. It's all about the bags. So, with my favourite topic in mind, I've searched for my top 5 favourite bags for SS19. All are under £50 (apart from one, but it's only £4 over, let me have it) and all are the perfect addition to you wardrobe. Stick with basics; jeans, tee and a blazer, and then add one of these bad boys for an instant outfit elevator - hell yes. Whether transparent bags float your boat, or maybe wooden? I've got you covered.

Mock Croc Bamboo Handle Bag - Liars and Lovers

Black Woven Bag - Mango 

Brown Bucket Bag - Charles and Kieth 


Return Of The (PVC) Mac

Once you get into the PVC trend, you really can't get out of it (sometimes, literally - think Ross from Friends...). But I have become weirdly obsessed with it this season! I didn't intentionally go out to step outside of my fashion comfort-zone, but some how, I've been getting pieces that have been quite unlike me recently. I think it's because I'd do anything to look French; so when I saw rain macs on my fave Parisians, I just had to invest. 

This green trench is from Weekday - another store I've become very addicted to. They do really affordable, Scandi/French inspired outfits. Minimal, classic and really cool! The colour of this really grabbed me. I love muted tones, and this dark green really does go with everything. I was channelling my Paris Fashion Week self in this look (complete with the LV bag!). Pretty simple yet effective, just team the trench with a simple hair clip and heeled boots and you get a French fashion editor outfit (I wish!)


Two Easy Winter Outfits

All I want to wear in Winter is something comfortable, cosy and subtly chic. Enter two super easy to wear warm looks. I'm pretty safe when it comes to basics, especially in Winter; jeans, boots and a chunky knit are my usual go-to, but this season I wanted to switch it up a notch. Hiker boots are the absolute comfy-girl's dream. Now that I'm thirty (did I mention this yet!?) I have absolutely no time for painful shoes. Hiker boots are a nod to the scandi style queens, whilst also being perfect for walking round for hours - YAS PLEASE. I teamed them with my new fave Weekday borg coat, black cropped flare jeans and my fave jumper for the perfect chilled style.

Sticking with enhancing basics, next up is another statement coat that can instantly update your look. My new teddy coat is not the usual for me. I normally go oversized when it comes to shearling, so I was surprised how much I took to this feminine structured midi-coat. The collar is perfect, giving you that cool girl vibe, whilst staying quite sophisticated (a first for me!). I keep the rest of the look muted  with black jeans, a black polo and the new loves of my life, square toe boots.


Interiors: Dining Room

Welcome to my first ever interior post! It's been a long time coming, but I'm very excited to share my home with you (okay, OUR home, but let's face it, Mus hasn't had a look in). I know a lot of you would prefer a video tour, and I will film one of those too - but, I thought it would be useful for you to have all the links to the products in one easy place. 

Our dining room was the first room we finished. It came together relatively quickly, due to the fact our massive dining table and bench takes up most of the room, so we just had to work around it!

Our whole house was done on a budget. We'd saved so long for our deposit, that although we had some left over, it all went to boring bits like the washer/dryer and dishwasher (FFS). So, when we started to think about interiors, I had to be a big bargain hunter. And, to my surprise, we managed to do the whole house pretty cheaply! I got inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and also the stores where we bought from (ikea is fab for inspo!). A lot of things were from charity shops, or hand me downs, but I will now link as much as possible here, so you can get a feel of what places I bought from and the price range we stuck to!

Light (similar) - Matalan
Wicker Chairs (at the back) - Wayfair 
Dark Wood Chairs (end of table - similar)) - La Redoute 
White Side Table - La Redoute
Rug - La Redoute 
Light In Corner - John Lewis
Art Work - James Wilson, H&M Home, Zara Home 
Vases - H&M Home


My Top Five High Street Hair Clips

If there's one very affordable way to get chic this SS19, it's the hair clip. Most of us bloggers have been after them since last year, and finally the high street is ON IT. There are literally hundreds to choose from, so I scoured the shops to find my top 5 (okay, most are from ASOS, as they have so many!!!).

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