Friday, 22 February 2019

Weekday Blazer That Dreams Are Made Of

As the title suggests; I'm in love. No, don't worry Mus, I'm not running off with Aidan Turner (yet). No, this is between a girl and her blazer. I may have mentioned a new love affair with Weekday. In my opinion, they can't put a foot wrong. They're affordable, incredible well cut and best of all, the sizing is upset generous...making a gal feel good. 

This blazer is the absolute dream. It's my usual size (12 in blazers/coats) and fits like it was made for me. It fits easily over jumpers, t shirts or my usual winter suspect, the polo neck! It's long enough that it covers the areas I like to hide (bum/hips) but it's also slimming and I cannot get enough of the shoulder pads! I kept things simple with my jeans, boots and bag and let the blazer do the talking. 


5 Must Have SS19 Bags Under £50

Ah bags. The part of your outfit that will always fit, always look right and can go with so many different looks. Yes, if you didn't already know, I'm a bag lady. Some people are all about the shoes - but do shoes last for years? Do shoes carry all your crap all day? NO. It's all about the bags. So, with my favourite topic in mind, I've searched for my top 5 favourite bags for SS19. All are under £50 (apart from one, but it's only £4 over, let me have it) and all are the perfect addition to you wardrobe. Stick with basics; jeans, tee and a blazer, and then add one of these bad boys for an instant outfit elevator - hell yes. Whether transparent bags float your boat, or maybe wooden? I've got you covered.

Mock Croc Bamboo Handle Bag - Liars and Lovers

Black Woven Bag - Mango 

Brown Bucket Bag - Charles and Kieth 


Return Of The (PVC) Mac

Once you get into the PVC trend, you really can't get out of it (sometimes, literally - think Ross from Friends...). But I have become weirdly obsessed with it this season! I didn't intentionally go out to step outside of my fashion comfort-zone, but some how, I've been getting pieces that have been quite unlike me recently. I think it's because I'd do anything to look French; so when I saw rain macs on my fave Parisians, I just had to invest. 

This green trench is from Weekday - another store I've become very addicted to. They do really affordable, Scandi/French inspired outfits. Minimal, classic and really cool! The colour of this really grabbed me. I love muted tones, and this dark green really does go with everything. I was channelling my Paris Fashion Week self in this look (complete with the LV bag!). Pretty simple yet effective, just team the trench with a simple hair clip and heeled boots and you get a French fashion editor outfit (I wish!)


Two Easy Winter Outfits

All I want to wear in Winter is something comfortable, cosy and subtly chic. Enter two super easy to wear warm looks. I'm pretty safe when it comes to basics, especially in Winter; jeans, boots and a chunky knit are my usual go-to, but this season I wanted to switch it up a notch. Hiker boots are the absolute comfy-girl's dream. Now that I'm thirty (did I mention this yet!?) I have absolutely no time for painful shoes. Hiker boots are a nod to the scandi style queens, whilst also being perfect for walking round for hours - YAS PLEASE. I teamed them with my new fave Weekday borg coat, black cropped flare jeans and my fave jumper for the perfect chilled style.

Sticking with enhancing basics, next up is another statement coat that can instantly update your look. My new teddy coat is not the usual for me. I normally go oversized when it comes to shearling, so I was surprised how much I took to this feminine structured midi-coat. The collar is perfect, giving you that cool girl vibe, whilst staying quite sophisticated (a first for me!). I keep the rest of the look muted  with black jeans, a black polo and the new loves of my life, square toe boots.


Interiors: Dining Room

Welcome to my first ever interior post! It's been a long time coming, but I'm very excited to share my home with you (okay, OUR home, but let's face it, Mus hasn't had a look in). I know a lot of you would prefer a video tour, and I will film one of those too - but, I thought it would be useful for you to have all the links to the products in one easy place. 

Our dining room was the first room we finished. It came together relatively quickly, due to the fact our massive dining table and bench takes up most of the room, so we just had to work around it!

Our whole house was done on a budget. We'd saved so long for our deposit, that although we had some left over, it all went to boring bits like the washer/dryer and dishwasher (FFS). So, when we started to think about interiors, I had to be a big bargain hunter. And, to my surprise, we managed to do the whole house pretty cheaply! I got inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and also the stores where we bought from (ikea is fab for inspo!). A lot of things were from charity shops, or hand me downs, but I will now link as much as possible here, so you can get a feel of what places I bought from and the price range we stuck to!

Light (similar) - Matalan
Wicker Chairs (at the back) - Wayfair 
Dark Wood Chairs (end of table - similar)) - La Redoute 
White Side Table - La Redoute
Rug - La Redoute 
Light In Corner - John Lewis
Art Work - James Wilson, H&M Home, Zara Home 
Vases - H&M Home


My Top Five High Street Hair Clips

If there's one very affordable way to get chic this SS19, it's the hair clip. Most of us bloggers have been after them since last year, and finally the high street is ON IT. There are literally hundreds to choose from, so I scoured the shops to find my top 5 (okay, most are from ASOS, as they have so many!!!).


How To Look Chic In The Rain

Just when you thought you couldn't get animal print into any other item of clothing...Topshop released the leopard print rain mac of dreams. Admittedly, I did describe this as a giant condom (I have such a way with words) when I originally tried it on, it's something to do with the rubber-esque feel..., however, paired with a chic black turtle neck and some biker boots, and I was in love.

Rain Mac - Jeans - Boots - Bag 

The rain mac, or anything PVC for that matter, is going to hit a lot of trend boxes for AW19, so get on this early guys. Despite the material, it's actually really flattering. It's belt synches you in at the waist, but equally looks very 'Parisian chic' when left to hang at the back. It's a fab piece to throw on over the most basic of outfits, and it will immediately elevate your look to fashion queen status (and who doesn't want that!?). I finished the look with my new personalised bag from Azurina, which if you haven't already, you need to check out!


Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Most of you will have seen Fred. Fred is basically my child...Okay, so he's actually a Poochon, which is a Bichon Frise mixed with a Miniature Poodle! I get a lot of questions about his breed, nature and general training, so thought I'd answer as much as I can on here!

How We Ended Up With A Puppy

So; we'd actually been on four of our local dogs homes 'waiting lists' for over a year. We were pretty much set on adopting a dog, as there are SO many that need a home. The only stipulation we had was that it suited our lifestyle. We didn't mind about age or breed, as long as we could give them a good place to live. Turns out, adopting a dog is not so easy. There are so many that need gardens (we have a yard), can't be with children, can't have visiting children, and some that need a lot of medical attention and money spending on them (if we were rich, we'd adopt them all). After 14 months, we decided to look for a puppy. I'd actually seen Penny the Poochon on Sinead's Instagram and thought she looked adorable. After a bit of research we knew it was the breed for us!


Poochons or Bichpoos as they're sometimes known, are pretty damn cute. Fred's mum and dad are pedigree and if you're thinking of getting a puppy it's important to know the family tree. We looked for a reputable breeder, made sure we saw his mum and also had copies of all his injections and vets trips. With so many people buying from puppy farms, it's so important you do your research and avoid people that are causing harm to pups. Poochons are kind natured, very loyal and great lap dogs. They don't malt (important with the new house!) and only need a short walk a day. We did look at Cockapoos, but they were too energetic and needed A LOT of exercise. Unfortunately, with our jobs, and the fact we're not really outdoorsy people, we didn't think it would be a match. That's the most important thing; make sure the dog fits you. If you love running, cycling or being outside every weekend, then choose a breed that loves exercise. Fred will happily have his little walk and then sleep the rest of the day. They are super intelligent, and don't bark too much (thank god!).

Life With Fred 

Life has changed completely now we have a dog-child. Okay, so parents reading this will LOL, as I have literally no idea how hard it is to have an actual child...but honestly it's very different. Luckily, I work from home most of the time, so I'm with him. Toilet training is very time consuming and tiring, especially in winter. We have to take him out every half an hour to see if he needs to go. Despite this, he still has the odd accident (new house down the drain) and needs constant watching (only whilst he's a pup!). We can't just pop out any more, as we've not yet trained him to be completely alone, and we have to take a bag of his stuff wherever we go. But despite turning our lives upside down, he's brought love and happiness we didn't knew existed (yes a dog, not a child) and we absolutely LOVE being dog parents! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email! I think I covered everything people had asked, but I know there will be lots more!


Two Ways To Style A Teddy Coat

Teddy coats. The sartorial answer to a warm hug. But they're not just cosy, warm and the perfect thing to wear in winter; they're also (believe it or not) super versatile! I bought this bad boy from Topshop last year, and I've definitely been getting my wear of it this season. I wanted to show you that a statement coat can be worn in ways that make it look completely different; so whether you want a laid back casual look or something a little more chic, keep scrolling to see how I styled it up both ways!

Coat - Boots - Jeans - Bag - Polo Neck
(similar products as most are old)

Look one is my super easy, throw on and go out of the house kind of outfit. In reality, it's obvs slightly more effort, but it *looks* effortless and that's all that matters! So I layered the coat over a pretty basic polo neck and black straight leg jeans. I wanted to concentrate on the accessories, and went for this season's must haves; the hiker boot. Hiker boots are sent from heaven, as they're comfy, stylish and look good with anything! Finishing the look, I tucked in my hair and added a circular bag to give it a more modern twist. 

Next up is a look I think is a little more chic. Mainly because it's an all white/cream outfit and to me, there's nothing chicer (or more dangerous!) to wear. I love a tonal outfit; I think it looks more expensive, no matter wear you shop and that's got to be a good thing right? I teamed my white jeans from Next, with a chunky knit, and my Finery boots (aka the loves of my life). Finished with my vintage LV, the teddy coat looks transformed!

Coat - Jeans - Boots - Jumper - Bag 

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