Friday, 22 February 2019

Return Of The (PVC) Mac

Once you get into the PVC trend, you really can't get out of it (sometimes, literally - think Ross from Friends...). But I have become weirdly obsessed with it this season! I didn't intentionally go out to step outside of my fashion comfort-zone, but some how, I've been getting pieces that have been quite unlike me recently. I think it's because I'd do anything to look French; so when I saw rain macs on my fave Parisians, I just had to invest. 

This green trench is from Weekday - another store I've become very addicted to. They do really affordable, Scandi/French inspired outfits. Minimal, classic and really cool! The colour of this really grabbed me. I love muted tones, and this dark green really does go with everything. I was channelling my Paris Fashion Week self in this look (complete with the LV bag!). Pretty simple yet effective, just team the trench with a simple hair clip and heeled boots and you get a French fashion editor outfit (I wish!)



  1. Hi Lauren, you look absolutely breathtaking in this coat. It gives women an elegant and noble appearance. I wish more ladies would have the courage to go out this way. :)

  2. Super you look gorgeous and very sexy
    Wish I knew someone like you

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