Friday, 22 February 2019

Weekday Blazer That Dreams Are Made Of

As the title suggests; I'm in love. No, don't worry Mus, I'm not running off with Aidan Turner (yet). No, this is between a girl and her blazer. I may have mentioned a new love affair with Weekday. In my opinion, they can't put a foot wrong. They're affordable, incredible well cut and best of all, the sizing is upset generous...making a gal feel good. 

This blazer is the absolute dream. It's my usual size (12 in blazers/coats) and fits like it was made for me. It fits easily over jumpers, t shirts or my usual winter suspect, the polo neck! It's long enough that it covers the areas I like to hide (bum/hips) but it's also slimming and I cannot get enough of the shoulder pads! I kept things simple with my jeans, boots and bag and let the blazer do the talking. 


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