Monday, 13 May 2019

5 Must Have Strappy Shoes Under £50

Ahh the great British weather. The reason most of us sartorially despair this time of year. Rain, sun, SNOW? What we end up with is about as reliable as Northern Rail (for those of you who don't live up North, that means v.unreliable obvs). The reason this post is so late is of course due to the weather. I originally wrote this up back in March, when we had a few unseasonably warm days, which led me into a false sense of strappy shoe security. I went a bit crazy with the old shoe-drobe and ordered quite a few pairs. Luckily for you (and my credit card) they're all under £50. Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't keep them all; however, if I had the choice, these bad boys are all I need this SS19. From ugly dad shoes, to minimal mules; whatever your taste, I scoured the high street (and ended up mainly in Zara) so you don't have to! Enjoy, and here's to better weather for all!

Asos - £45 



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