Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Summer Sale 2019 High Street Edit - Part One

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Okay, so the weather in the UK may not be June appropriate, but the stores are going in to full SS19 mode and the summer sales have started YASS! Although grabbing a few bargains is definitely brightening up my day, even I can admit it can be a little overwhelming. Fear not! I've trawled through endless pages of (let's face it...rubbish) to find some gems that you NEED in your summer wardrobe. 

A few tips for sale shopping;

- It's only a bargain if you need it, don't buy just because it's cheap! 

- Compare sites! Sometimes brands on ASOS are actually cheaper on their OWN site (cheeky ASOS!) so double check before you buy! 

- Think about fast fashion! No, I'm not going to lecture you about global warming, but we do need to buy less and buy better! Only buy if you think it will fit in with things you already have. Pieces need to work in loads of ways to be worth the money, so plan outfits as you scroll through!

And now it's time to GO GO GO! I'm going to be back with the next lot of sales (Zara/Mango etc) as soon as they go live - enjoy and happy shopping!




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