About Me

Hello! Firstly, thank you for stopping by. I will never stop getting surprised that people read this! My name is Lauren and I live in Manchester, UK with my lovely husband (and reluctant personal photographer). 

I started Fashion Panic in June 2014, originally as an online portfolio for a fashion course I was planning to start later that year. The course didn't go ahead, but the blogging stuck! I now work in fashion PR and marketing for a Manchester brand, as well as freelancing for several online magazines. I've recently decided to go part time, so I can concentrate on blogging and creating content I really do enjoy.

My style is forever evolving and I really do live by the words "forget the rules; if you like it, wear it!". Don't worry about what other people think, find your style and own it! 

I am so genuinely grateful for the opportunities blogging has created, and more importantly, for the people I have met during my journey so far. I'm excited to see what the future for my blog holds, and for the adventures yet to come!


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